Women’s Month: celebrate your body, girl!

The reality is, most women don’t have the luxury of spending four hours or more a day grinding and grafting away to achieve physiques worthy of display on underwear billboards. We’ve got stuff to do. Jobs to keep. Children to raise. Cats to feed. Hair to wash (and condition and style).

When we no longer possess the capacity and flexibility of youth, we allow our daily routines to consume every part of our existence, and by doing so we neglect our bodies.

Many gyms, such as Zone Fitness, are passionate about the physical well-being of real women with real lives, real challenges and real goals. To celebrate Women’s Month, we’ve devised workout strategies for three unsung heroines:

The career woman

Deadlines, assignments, overtime, promotions, meetings, business relations… Sheesh! Kinda sounds like a workout all by itself.
The modern-day career woman’s time is precious and not to be wasted. This means two things: firstly, when she’s at the gym she needs to get as much out of her workout as she can get so that, secondly, at work she’s got the energy she needs to get the job done.

Full-body workout classes, like yoga or aerobics, compared with a moderate intensity weight training regimen is the way to go. Most health clubs will have personal trainers who (usually at an extra totally-worth-it fee) are more than capable of tailoring an all-encompassing workout suited for the career woman’s needs.

The mom at home

We get it. As if keeping a household up and running isn’t demanding enough, you’ve got kids to raise and cherish while making sure they achieve top grades in school. Oh, and on top of that, you have a marriage to maintain.

We’re assuming the only free time you have is in the morning, when your better half is at the office and your offspring are receiving an education. No problem.

Gyms have a range of fitness classes prior to noon with this in mind and will ensure you spend your you-time in the best way possible. You might also do well to consider some time in the sauna!

The lady in retirement

Think that just because your career is over, your life is too? Oh, have we got news for you! This is the time to do all those things that you never got around to. If you want to experience them to the fullest, you need to summon as much energy as you possibly can.

When we age, our bodies aren’t quite able to handle all the strain they used to.

All respectable health clubs have classes that suit the needs of the intermediate gym-goer perfectly. Also consider some moderate-intensity aerobic exercises like power walking or (yes) gardening.

“Gyms understand that different women have different requirements and therefore make more than enough provision to suit everyone’s individual needs,” says Ivana Buchanan, National Fitness Manager of Zone Fitness. “On a side-note, remember that even though working out is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you should never neglect vital factors like getting a proper night’s rest, drinking plenty of water and following a nutritious diet.”

Thank you to all the lovely ladies out there. We cherish you not only this month, but every month. Here’s to you. Here’s to women.

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