You have neglected our beautiful game


Dawie de Jager’s letter to Mark Alexander, President of SA Rugby:

Most probably, neither you nor any of your committee members will take the time to read this letter. SA Rugby’s attitude is, what do couch potatoes like me and other rugby lovers know? I have played, coached and was involved in rugby administration for 42 years. I have coached black players who had never played rugby before.
1. Transformation
Kenny is a coloured boy in Jan Kempdorp. He loves rugby but attends a school in the township that doesn’t play rugby. Sometimes, he and his friends watch rugby on the TV and then play the game in the streets or on the open field. The schools in town only have one team as there are not enough male teachers to coach rugby; the club closed a long time ago.
Once a year, there will be a rugby clinic on the sports field and, after that, nothing happens. Kenny is fast, has a wonderful side-step and lots of natural ball skills. He wants to play but the rugby administrators have let him down Z no opportunities, no club, nothing.
2. Government interference
Allister Coetzee can’t select the best team because the ANC Government is his master, and yours. Do you and your committee have the guts to stand up against Fikile Mbalula and the ANC?
They played a major role in the total collapse of SA Rugby. You can’t deny that the quota system is driving excellent players away, they know the selection process would never be fair. You failed the young players through many years, you failed to do the proper transformation from the bottom up, now the Government enforces the quota system from the top down.
3. Coaching
Why did you allow Rassie Erasmus to leave the country? What is the true story? Do you agree that a coach needs the best assistant coaches and support staff available? You appointed inexperienced assistant coaches to assist Allister whom, for the first time, is acting as the head coach of our national team.
4. Finances
Nobody backs losers. You were so busy with rugby politics and pleasing the government that you neglected your core duties to look after our beautiful game, develop it and cement a future for all rugby players in SA.

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