‘I hope reason prevails in future’


I appreciate the willingness of the mayor, Mr Kgotso Khumalo, to address the burning issue of the year-end festivals at the Trimpark in December.

Unfortunately, Mr Big Daddy 24/7 regards the accurate journalism by the Herald on this matter as racism. The truth is that members of a civilised society cannot tolerate the behaviour that marked the festival of 16 December last year. In fact, misconduct is not restricted to persons of a certain race, creed or colour.
The statement by Mr Big Daddy is meant to shift the focus from the concerns of Potchefstroom residents. By doing so, he also derails any cooperation between the various role players to reach an amicable agreement. Mr Big Daddy also made it clear that these events will take place in years to come. Is he the sole decision maker, does he act on behalf of the mayor or does he overrule the mayor? If this is true, why bother with the operational- and other plans he spoke about? Who are ‘all the stakeholders’ he mentioned? Were residents, or even the neighbourhood watch  on behalf of the residents  included?
Mr Big Daddy also says the festival is not a real problem as it happens only once a year. Wrong. Since the beginning of December, festivals at the park took place on a regular basis, although not all of them throughout the night. Is it unreasonable, therefore, to request the organisers to stick to a cut-off time of 01:00 in the morning, bearing in mind the event had already started at 08:00 the previous day? Enough has been said of the transgression of various laws by the persons attending the event and I shall, therefore, not repeat it. Mr Big Daddy has clearly also taken notice of those reports but a state of denial won’t undo them.
All people have the right to enjoy themselves, but not without considering law-abiding, fellow citizens. Also, bear in mind that other people are entitled to use the same facilities in and around the Trimpark after the event has come to an end.
This was certainly not possible because of the filthiness of the park and its surroundings after the festival(s).
I sincerely hope reason prevails in future.

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