Singalongs, speedos and jol-worthy tunes at Texas Saloon

Satanic Dagga Orgy will play in Potch on 21 April 2017 at Texas Saloon for the first time
Satanic Dagga Orgy will play in Potch on 21 April 2017 at Texas Saloon for the first time.

Potchefstroom music fans can expect crazy moments, sing along tunes and a good dose of four part acoustic harmonies when the interestingly named, Satanic Dagga Orgy (SDO) make their way to Potch for the first time as a band. They will perform at Texas Saloon on the Bult on Friday, 21 April with Scarlotte Will and Zam Boney joining the party.

SDO vocalist, Peter Blackbeard, answered a few important questions in light of their upcoming show, the release of their new EP, The Prawn Awakens, as well as a list of other band and music related matters.

1)   A lot of people in Potch will probably fall out of their chair when they hear your name. What was the main idea behind it?

The main idea was to find a name that would make people fall out of their chairs. We wanted to pick a name that would shock and/or excite people and hopefully encourage them to come and watch a show.

2)            How would you categorise your sound? Folk, Punk, acoustic good vibes?

All of those and more. Loopy (guitarist) says we are the double po*sklap band- first you hear the name – p**sklap one. Then you hear the music – and that’s the second p**sklap. We like to jol and we make music for people who are jollers.

3)            How many times has Satanic Dagga Orgy (SDO) been in Potchefstroom. Is it the first time? If so, what can music lovers and the general public expect at your show?

Each of us has been in Potch a few times, but never as SDO. As a band, we are virgins so we are hoping to overcompensate and bring our A game. Expect speedos, four-part harmonies, awkward dancing and LOTS of singalongs.

4)            What has been the idea with the new EP The Prawn Awakens? Were there any main themes or concepts the band worked on during the recording process?

The New EP (released on Friday, 14 April) is really a showcase of where we are as a band. The previous two releases have been more about us finding our feet as a creative force, and we feel we’ve achieved that in this new record. It’s a multi-genre, fifteen-minute banger, with a radio rock, ballad, punk and folk tune. Most importantly, it’s an introduction into the future of SDO, one with catchy tunes that cover multiple themes and genres without losing our sense of humour or self-deprecating in-jokes.

5)            You guys have never seemed to take yourself too seriously. Do you think that is what makes you unique in the music industry?

I reckon our smell makes us unique, but the ability to not be k*k and to try and always be lekker goes a long way in any business. There are a lot of egos in the music industry and by not letting that get in the way of the message and the music we feel we present a more authentic image than some other artists. We are the same off the stage as we are on stage.

Performing live at Oppikoppi 2016. Photo: Henry Engelbrecht.

Performing live at Oppikoppi 2016. Photo: Henry Engelbrecht.

6)            On the flipside of the coin, what are you guys most passionate about in the local music industry? What do you take seriously?

We try not to take much seriously, but you can be a professional and have fun, so we try and make every interaction with us a happy one. From the audience to the sound engineers to the other bands and promoters, just be lekker. We also take the ‘scene’ seriously from the perspective of supporting the other bands we play with and helping to get their music and shows out there. We all gain by helping each other.

7)            SDO are renowned for their speedo wearing outfits when on stage. What/who inspired this?

Well, Pete and Ricki, our founding members, are both water polo players and are actually more comfortable in speedos than board shorts. The tradition probably started at Oppikoppi 2015, our debut. We were playing at midday on the last day of the festival and we felt we needed a gimmick to entice people out of their tents. They are also cool, and our mission is to bring them back.

8)            The most important message you want to send out with your music? What should people feel after listening to you live?

They should feel like they’ve just had a great time and should also feel like buying us beer.

9)            Top 5 tips to be a lekker live band?

  1. Always be on time or early
  2. Always be lekker to everyone involved
  3. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and then rehearse some more
  4. If no one is coming to your shows you either don’t make music people like or you are a k*k person
  5. Have fun, bands feed off the energy from the crowd and vice versa, so you will get what you give.

Here is the Facebook link to the event featuring SDO, Scarlotte Will and Zam Boney:


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