On My Playlist: Top 5 Fire From The Gods songs

Fire From The Gods
Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods is truly a band with a unique sound currently on the metal/hardcore scene and these five guys from Austin, Texas are driving home their heavy music with some heavy and profound lyrics. Their comment on everything relevant from, social, spiritual and political issues kicks you right in the teeth. The band currently consists of AJ Channer – vocals, Jameson Teat – guitar, Drew Walker – guitar, Bonner Baker – bass and Richard Wicander – drums
Honourable mentions: Evolve, Pretenders
5. The Voiceless
This inspiring song is the first single from the band’s upcoming second album, Narrative Retold which will release on 21 May this year. This is a solid track and makes the top 5 based on clever lyrics, a fantastic melody, hardcore verses and superb clean vocals from Channer in the chorus.
‘We won’t be lost in the pages of history. Think we feel nothing but we feel everything,’ are my favourite lyrics in this song. The chorus is also sung with passion and precision: ‘Take a look and see it’s not only me. But yet you call us the voiceless. You can’t hear me cause you’re not listening. That’s why you call us the voiceless.’

4. Lifeline
This is a slower song from this band and looks at the need for positivity and lifelines when we are down and out. Sometimes, it just takes more time to realise this. The song starts off with a pacy guitar and drum intro before Channer sings, ‘Here comes doubt again, saying I’m not good enough,’ with a melodic clean guitar part intertwining with his vocals. The opening riff is then repeated in the chorus as the balances between loud and soft dynamics are brilliantly executed here. The bridge where Channer sings, ‘It took some time but I woke up and found the lifeline,’ is an immensely powerful moment in the song, where synth, drums and guitar build up to a crescendo. A great song with bags of lyrical and musical qualities.

3. Public Enemy
The hardcore punk riff at the beginning of the song is what gives it its edge right from the onset. Channing and Wicander’s drums then set the tone with a fast rap-like verse that mixes two different genres without effort. This is one of Fire From The God’s strongest attributes their ability to combine different genres into one solid product. The ‘Hey, hey are you listening?’ parts in the bridge are also one of the things that will get your blood pumping in this great song.

2. Excuse Me
This is probably Fire From The Gods, most well-known song, with a brilliant rap in the verse as the mixture of rap-rock works perfectly in a politically and emotionally laden lyrical rampage. The guitar work from Teat and Walker is also one of the highlights as they keep the groove going. Channer’s clean vocals and screams are also on point in this song. One of the big surprises is when it goes into a reggae-like bridge where Channer’s Jamaican roots take centre stage.
This deeply personal song about Channer’s background and life and the need to be free from pressure and life’s trouble is central to this track. It is all about rising up from the ashes –  a theme that is quite prevalent in the band’s work.

1. End Transmission
This song is very different from the band’s other material and showcases its true strengths and musicianship beautifully.
Bonner Baker’s bass playing is the perfect foil for Channer’s vocals in the verse before Channer steps it up in the chorus with a soaring melody: ‘A million miles away, it seems that I don’t belong in this place. Is there another way? I find myself closer to a satellite.’
This song has a futuristic, space theme and the concepts of uncertainty and the search for self, are prevalent in this great track.
Always expect the unexpected from Fire From the Gods with their full sound being a true treat to the ears.


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