On My Playlist: Top 5 Seaway songs


Seaway is part of a new generation of pop-punk bands that are breathing new life into the genre with infectious melodies and soulful hooks.
Seaway is a Canadian band all the way from Ontario and their music incorporates honest lyrics and intrinsic musicality to keep you hooked.
Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton’s vocals are also one of the best features of this band and this duo of voices brings something else to this music genre.
The band currently consist of Ryan Locke – vocals, Patrick Carleton – guitar, vocals, Andrew Eichinger – guitar, Adam Shoji – bass and Ken Taylor – drums.
Honourable mentions: Alberta, Slam
5. Shy Guys
As the song title suggests, this song is about shy guys and the trouble they have speaking to a girl without rejection. The song also focuses on the lead singer’s ability to put his thoughts out in the open to get a girl’s attention.
These are typical pop-punk lyrics and are sung from the heart with great clean, distorted riffs that bounce off each other.
The music video is also incredibly colourful with summer vibes that match the pace and feel of the song to a tee.
‘This song goes out to the shy guys, why don’t you give me a chance?’

4. Your Best Friend
Ken Taylor’s drumming kicks this song off into high gear, producing a classic pop-punk sound.
The chorus is also really catchy and gets into your head, which is a good thing. Locke and Carleton swap melodies while delivering some great lyrics.
The track’s main message is about relationships and ‘playing things right because your best friend’s my girlfriend.’
The delivery of the lyrics is what makes this song so great. Eichinger’s guitar melodies and off-time lead guitar parts also work perfectly in this song.

3. Stubborn Love
This song starts off slowly with Carleton’s vocals before Locke lends his voice in the first verse. The buildup in this number is truly fantastic and showcases the band’s versatility as a pop-punk group. The guitar picking and drumming gradually improve the tempo of the song before it moves into a crescendo when the chorus starts:
‘Cause, tonight, your hair falls around your ears and it makes me want to stay. But I’m keeping at a distance for all the decisions that I’ve made to be gone, to stay gone, to be everything that you thought.
It’s all I’ve got.’ The lyrics, ‘Nobody likes slipping out the back door, but this is stubborn, yeah this is stubborn love’ are also one of the best parts of the song.
The main topic is complicated relationships and the structure of the track really amplifies the emotion and heart in the lyrics.

2. Best Mistake
This is another song that showcases Seaway’s knack for fun songs with a real summer vibe about making mistakes when searching for love and realising that it was the ‘best mistake’ – hence, remembering the good times above the bad.
The rhythm and pace of this song are other great aspects that really move it forward. ‘Wait, you could be my best mistake that I’ve just been dying to make.
And, when the fireworks faded, I can’t believe I ever contemplated. You’ve got me tired and tied up. You’re my best mistake.’

1. Airhead
‘Airhead’ is the song that sums up Seaway’s unique pop-punk sound perfectly with harmonising dual vocals and self-introspective lyrics with regards to romantic relationships.
The track starts off with rhythm guitar before Locke screams the main chorus, ‘Sometimes I can be a f**king airhead, so just tie me to your fingertips.’
The lyrics are also brilliant – ‘Being lonely is different than being alone, like when you call and no one picks up the phone.’
The topsy-turvy aspects of love are clearly displayed in this song, and that is what makes it so great.
It also has a memorable chorus that really stands out and makes this track my number one pick.
It also has a lovely short, sweet solo in the bridge that really caught my attention.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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