Memphis May Fire are ready to have a blast at Krank’d Up

Memphis May Fire
Memphis May Fire

Metalcore giants, Memphis May Fire are fired up for their first show in South Africa that will take place at the 2017 Krank’d Up Festival at Sundowners in Alberton on Saturday 30 September. Fans simply can’t wait for this highly acclaimed band to rock our shores with their riff-laden and melodic metal music. Potchefstroom Herald’s Wouter Pienaar caught up with vocalist Matty Mullins to find out more about their new single, their favourite songs, future plans and expectations of Krank’d Up Festival.

1. You guys have been/are still touring on the Warped Tour in the States. What are your expectations of Krank’d Up 2017 and South Africa in general?
Honestly we have no idea what to expect because it’s our first time going to South Africa. We’ve heard nothing but great things & we’re so excited to finally go!

2. Where does the band name Memphis May Fire come from?
There’s not much to it lol. The band had a different name when we signed our first record deal & found out there was another band with the same name. We were on a time crunch to find a new name so everyone threw their ideas into a hat & we settled on MMF!

3. What can fans expect from a Memphis May Fire live show in South Africa? How important is it to create an unforgettable live atmosphere and give back to the fans in that manner?
We’ve always taken our live performance very seriously. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share our live show with our South African fans & you can trust that we will be giving it everything we got!

4. What are your favourite songs to play live? Will fans see a mix of older and newer material?
We will definitely be playing a mix of old & new songs. My “favorite song to play” changes all the time but currently i’m having a blast playing our new single “VIRUS”.

5. Your newest single “Virus” has a different sound to your previous album, and has a greater sing along quality. Would you say you try to write music that is both melodic and heavy depending on your mood or experiences?
Every song has it’s own personality depending on what season of life we wrote it in. We are so excited about “Virus” & fans can definitely expect more songs like it in the near future.

6. For instance, your album The Hollow has a different sound to Challenger and Unconditional. Do you try to evolve your sound with each album? This Light I Hold had a good mix of heavier and melodic songs in my opinion.
We are always evolving as artists & as people. Change is good. If we ever become stagnant in our writing, it will be time to hang up the towel.

7. Who is the principal lyricist and who pens down the music in the band. What would you say influences your writing the most?
Kellen has always written everything instrumental for the band & I (Matty) write everything vocal related. I’m constantly influenced & inspired by life. We experience so much on a daily basis & it all makes for great songs!

8. I would say that MMF focuses on create hope and positivity against everything that is holding the world down – depression, disrespect, self-centeredness, etc. How important is it to have a strong message in music that listeners can hold on to?
Our mission as a band is to offer hope & positivity through our music. I believe the platform that we have is a gift & how we use it defines us.

9. What is the biggest challenge when on tour and playing a live set?
The physical challenge is to keep my voice in good condition while singing & screaming night after night. The emotional challenge is to stay grounded & mentally healthy being away from family & friends for so much of the year.

10. What is the best part of touring and playing live as a band?
The best part of touring is getting to travel the world & meet all of the incredible people that support our music. The relationships we make on the road are priceless.

11. South Africa is a sporting mad nation, where we especially like rugby, cricket and soccer? Does the band support a specific sporting team?
Here in the states we are big American football & hockey fans. My football team is the Seattle Seahawks & my hockey team is the Nashville Predators.

12. Top 5:

• Favourite bands that you listen to currently?
-Hot Water Music
-Story Of The Year

• Hidden talents of the band members?
-Jake can make impressive fart sounds with his hands
-Kellen can lift large heavy items
-Cory can clap with his feet
-I can eat more Mexican food than an entire Mexican family
-We all can count from 1-100

• Things that is most important to the band?

• Own songs?
-No Ordinary Love
-Miles Away
-Carry On
-The Sinner

• Shows/Gigs that you have played at?
-Tel Aviv, Israel
-Sydney, Australia (Soundwave)
-Dallas, TX (South By So What)
-Moscow, Russia
-Spokane, WA (The Knitting Factory)

• Songs you wished you wrote?
-MercyMe – I Can Only Imagine
-Bruno Mars – 24k Magic
-Blindside – Sleepwalking
-My American Heart – Tired & Uninspired
-John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body

13. What are your major goals as a band in the future?

We’d love to keep playing for people that haven’t heard of us & expand our fan base all over the world.

14. What are you most proud of as a band?
Our greatest achievement is helping others with our music. We hear countless story’s from fans that didn’t give up because one of our songs helped them cope or gave them the courage to move forward. That’s the power of music & that’s what it’s all about.

15. Tips for young and upcoming bands to make a success?
Get out of your comfort zone & work harder than everyone else.

16. What is your message for fans in South Africa?
We can’t wait to meet you!

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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