Orchestral melodies will take listeners on a journey this Saturday

On Saturday, 12 August the NWU-Puk Symphony Orchestra will be taking their audience on an exciting journey from the old world to the new at the Sanlam Auditorium in Potchefstroom.
The orchestra will be conducted by André Oosthuizen and they will start their journey in Russia with March Slave by Tchaikovsky.

In this exhilarating piece, Tchaikovsky tells the story of how Russia helped Serbia in the Serbo-Turkish war. The start of the piece describes the oppression of the Serbs by the Turkish and uses two Serbian folk songs ‘Sunce jarko, ne sijaš jednako’ (Bright sun, you do not shine equally) and ‘Rado ide Srbin u vojnike’ (Gladly does the Serb become a soldier).

The next section describes the Russians’ help and starts with a rustic dance that is passed around the orchestra and finally culminates in the solemn statement of the Russian national anthem ‘God Save the Tsar’.
Their next stop will be in Germany with the monumental Triple Concerto by Beethoven. The wonderful soloists are Miroslav Chakaryan on violin, Polina Burdukova on cello and Kerryn Wisniewski on piano.

The grand first movement starts with the lower strings softly introducing the first theme and from the very start, there is a sense of anticipation as to where the listener might be transported. The second movement is a beautiful, slow movement Z that contains the most wonderful musical moments and features the soloists in all their glory. The last movement is a polonaise and the dancing theme has a folk-like quality about it.

They end in the new world. In 1892, Czech composer, Antonin Dvorak, moved to the USA and, in 1893, he composed his ninth symphony ‘from the new world’. In this amazing work, one can hear the influences of the music in the ‘new world’. Dvorak didn’t use any themes from the USA but was greatly inspired by the spirit and texture of the folk music of the native Americans. He doesn’t forget his homeland and we are also transported to the Czech Republic every now and again.

The last movement is great fun and might very well be the inspiration for some very well-known film music.
Tickets are available at the Heimat Building, AJR in Mooirivier Mall, Protea Books, NWU School for Music and Conservatory and at www.artema.co.za.
Tickets are R80 per person or R50 for students.
For enquiries phone 018 299 2844. The show starts at 19:00.

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