On My Playlist: Top 5 Maylene and the Sons of Disaster songs

Sludge metal, groove metal, Southern Metal, Dirty Rock – call it what you will but Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are definitely on top of their game with their groovy metal music combined with southern roots.
Plainly put, this band’s music hits you like a brick in the face and keeps you smiling, chipped teeth and all. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you would be daft not to shake your head to their beat at least once.
The band’s name is derived from the legend of Ma Barker and her criminal sons with the message that there is divine justice for evil deeds.
The band currently consists of well-known front man, Dallas Taylor (formerly of Underoath) on lead vocals, Jasin Todd (Shinedown/Fuel) – lead guitar, Jake Duncan – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Steve Savis – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Brad Lehmann – bass, backing vocals and Jon Thatcher Longley – drums
Honourable mentions: ‘Tough as John Jacobs’, ‘Never Stop Haunting’, ‘Plenty Strong and Plenty Wrong’, ‘Death Is an Alcoholic’, ‘Waiting on My Deathbed’, ‘Just A Shock’.
5. Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead
Ferocious, gritty and harsh are probably the best way to describe this banging track from the band’s debut album. From the outset, this number hits you like a brick as Taylor’s screams, combined with methodical drumming and a crunchy guitar riff, takes this song into dirty rock bliss.
This is definitely a unique sound but once you are into it and it becomes familiar, then you most probably will find yourself head banging.

4. Lady at the Gate
The old school Southern-inspired guitar riff that predominates this track really comes into its own to provide a great backbone to Taylor’s screams.
The one highlight from the former Underoath vocalist occurs after the first chorus, where he gives a dirty grunge-like growl that just fits in perfectly.
The lyrics mostly focus on regret and that pride comes before a fall only, looking for salvation when in trouble: ‘Forgotten what happiness feels like. I’m the hypocrite you wrote about’.

3. Memories of the Grove
‘Memories of the Grove’ is one of those classic opening songs found on the band’s sophomore album that opens with pounding drums and a kickass riff to keep the listener’s attention from the start.
Taylor shows his penchant for groove-heavy melodies in some throat-scratching vocal lines and it all just seems to fit together perfectly with the harsh music. The lyrics, ‘I think they might take it all away. Glance through a crack. It seems the scavengers are asleep.
Thank God grace has come my way.
Tomorrow hope awaits living closer to the end’ showcases the band’s beliefs in Christ and their salvation-filled music and interesting messages whilst keeping true to their metal-based nature.
The outro and bridge also see the band at its absolute best.

2. Dry The River

The drumming and tasty guitar lead solo in the intro put this song into Southern Rock/Metal genre for most, with an absolutely delicious groove to go mental to.
The lyrics in the chorus, ‘I’ll take back everything if you’ll stay by my side. Cause I’m told the river went dry.
Believe me when I say that you’ll see greater days,’ exhibits the positive ending of the number and adds to the band’s mentality and message. This is also one of the best and most melodic parts that Maylene has ever written.

1. Step Up (I’m On It)
This is definitely one of catchiest songs that Maylene and the Sons of Disaster have written and its discernible Southern metal vibes with the banjo-based riff really give it a Southern twang. This song has exceptional pacing, combined with a brilliant wail from Taylor in the chorus as he screams the words at full tilt: All lined up and built for pressure. Step up… I’m on it. Say your peace like it’s the end. Stand back… we’re movin’.’
The guitar solo in the bridge also adds to the track’s brilliance. A really well-rounded track.


Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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