On My Playlist: Top 5 Secrets songs

It is no secret that this band is one of the most underrated post-hardcore bands in the genre and their mixture of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics and crushing screams differentiate them from the pack.

Secrets have been on a steady climb since releasing their debut album The Ascent in 2012 and have impressed fans and critics with their newest single, ‘Incredible’ as they reached another high point in their career. Secrets currently consists of Richard Rogers (vocals, guitar), Wade Walters, unclean vocals, Michael Sherman (guitar) and Connor Branigan (bass)

Honourable mentions: ‘I’ll be Fine’, ‘The Wild’, ‘Rise Up’, ‘Maybe Next May’, ‘Fragile Figures’, ‘Somewhere in Hiding’ and ‘Blindside’.

  1. Ready For Repair

This number starts off with superb, clean vocals from Richard Rogers that also form part of the main chorus. The memorable lyrics and, especially, the delivery thereof, give the song an edge from the outset. The interplay between Rogers and the unclean vocals from the former vocalist, Aaron Melzer, work perfectly to balance this song: ‘Take me back to where we started. Let’s erase every memory and make it so we never existed. These days will only end in shame. Did you ever believe we’d be this way? Tearing down the structures that we made. I think we need to make a   change.’ The lyrics focus on broken relationships and the need to move forward in order to grow as a person. There is heartache but also healing ahead.’ Overall, a great song to get into the sound of the band.

  1. Half Alive

‘Half Alive’ is one of the band’s best lyrical songs from their third album and focuses on the fakeness of human beings and how they can disappoint one another. Those whom you thought you knew, could become strangers in the way they present themselves.   ‘I’ve been deceived by the ones that I held in such high acclaim. “It is what it is” I’m told. It’s par for the course to fit their mold. Blend in, blend into the mess it’s better to fit in. They scream give in, give in, give up what’s left of your innocence.’ This is a perfect lyrical example of this.

The chorus with the woooaah-ooohs is also a great touch. The guitar riff may not be their best but it does its job. It is as if the band wanted to create a good, structural number while adding trimmings to maximise the song – something they did well for this one that became one of my favourites through repeated listens. The drumming from Joe English is also on point here and one of his best efforts.

  1. How We Survive

The opening track from Secrets’    sophomore album, Fragile Figures, is one of the band’s most ferocious and honest songs that they have ever written. Former unclean vocalist, Melzer, really shines on this track and, together with Rogers, they pull out some fantastic lyrical lines, especially in the chorus and hard-hitting second verse. This includes a breakdown and a frenetic guitar riff: ‘I hear these voices in my head. Over and over and over again. They keep telling me. You’re better off dead,’ screams Melzer as he hits an emotional high point in the song. The listener can really relate to the track and that is what makes it so special. It has all the great elements of a metalcore song with a discernible message that hits the heart. This is especially highlighted in the final lyrics that end off on an honest and positive note: ‘This world is dark but you are not alone. It’s never too late for a fresh start, a new home. Nothing is set in stone. That’s how we survive.’

  1. Incredible

Secrets’ newest song from their upcoming album is another track that focuses on the pain and heartache and how something incredible can happen to take a person to the light in order to feel incredible. It is a really powerful message that hits a high mark in the chorus as Rogers screams ‘Incredible’ to further drive home the point. The song opens up with melodic synth delay before a ferocious drumbeat and opening screams from Wade Walters puts the song into motion. This is intertwined with Roger’s soothing, clean vocals before the pre-chorus slows it down again. This sets the stage for the instruments to come back into full   force in the aforementioned ‘Incredible’ chorus. The entire song is a lyrical masterpiece and includes gems such as: ‘Broken down, I was all alone. Stuck in a hell hole I called home. I never thought I could be saved. But then by grace. You found me down in a dark place. Pulled me out of all my old ways. Since then I’ve never felt any more shame.’ The song has an amazing flow that urges the listener to explore the song in all its depth and glory.

  1. Dance of the Dead

This is my pick for the number one spot, mainly because of the fantastic lyrics and delivery of the clean and unclean vocals. Rogers really hits some sweet notes in this song and, together with Melzer’s aggressive unclean vocals, it just works out perfectly.

The track has a tremendous flow with a chorus that will stick in your head for days. The instrumentation is also hard and melodic and encapsulates what Secrets are all about. The pace also adds to the enjoyment of the song. It moves up and down before hitting a high point at the bridge and outro with a duplication of the lyrics: ‘We struggle at best but keep wanting more. You can’t reach the top without feeling the floor.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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