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Haste The Day
Haste The Day

Haste the Day has been through numerous lineup changes in their career but this Christian metalcore band has stood the test of time with underrated classics that are both melodic and hardcore in the same breath.
Their two main unclean vocalists, Jimmy Ryan and Stephen Keech are different in their own way but add to the band’s sound. This could be seen best on the band’s crowd-funded album Coward that featured both vocalists on the album in 2015. The band consists of Stephen Keech (clean and unclean vocals), Jimmy Ryan (unclean vocals) Brennan Chaulk (guitar), Scotty Whelan (guitar), Dave Krysl (guitar), Mike Murphy (bass) and Giuseppe Capolupo (drums).
Honourable mentions: ‘World’, ‘Coward’, ‘Autumn’, ‘Pressure the Hinges’, ‘Invoke Reform’, ‘Secret’, ‘Blue 42’ and ‘Mad Man’.
5. 68
The ferocity of this track hits you right between the eyes from the start as Keech screams ‘I am the destroyer I am the one you will call the destroyer. The messenger of my disgrace (I am my own disease).
The blast drum beats are insane in this opening part and give the track a real heavy feel. It has a brilliant melodic vocal part that adds another level of creativity. The song then moves into a fast-paced metal riff before it gets heavy with a deep growl from Keech, followed by a massive breakdown and a sweet lead guitar pattern. The end is also really brutal and brilliantly executed to drive home the message of the importance letting go of self and taking away disguises that will only bring death in the end: ‘We will fall to ruin if we don’t bury disguises that we’ve made. We will see the finish if we would carry ourselves to the end of the race. The charges will fall.’

4. Stitches
‘Five words to change your heart and mind. In the heat of the sun, I know you’re the only one. You still can’t’ hold yourself together.’
‘Stitches’ opens triumphantly with these spoken lines before an infectious guitar lead takes over in the interlude. This song has one of the best choruses in metalcore and the importance of the lyrics on speaking positivity and breaking mental chains is what puts it in the top 5, in my opinion: A really solid song that continues to speak to various generations about self-worth and loving yourself for who you are.
The bridge of the song says it best: ‘Is it really that hard to say you’re worth more than this?’

3. When Everything Falls
The hardcore intro is one of Haste The Day’s best as the crushing guitar, bass and pounding drums together with a technical lead guitar part will really get you headbanging in no time. Jimmy Ryan’s raspy screams are on full display here as he bellows about keeping the faith and holding onto what you believe even when times are tough. This number moves at breakneck speed and, in conjunction, hits home hard with a great singalong chorus.
The bridge is where Haste The Day showcase their versatility with a nice change of pace from a clean guitar picking part that transports the song into the outro where the chorus’s message is further spread: ‘I will stand. When everyone falls away. I will fight this war forever. Or until I die.’

2. Resolve
If there is one thing that stands out in this track, it is the former drummer and clean vocalist, Devin Chaulk’s fast-paced drumming that starts with a snare roll and lightning fast double bass footwork. The song has a pounding riff and its pace makes for great moshpit action live.
The best part is the bridge when Keech just goes all out in his delivery of this message of holding on and keeping the faith for the saviour and putting trust in Him. ‘Our lives will hang on the words. You have spoken. And we will wait for our God to return. Lift your hands to the Heaven. Let your heart be encased.’

1.American Love
‘American Love’ may be one of the band’s earliest numbers found on their debut album Burning Bridges but it has stood the test of time. Ryan’s insane vocal screams are powerful and piercing and the absolute brutality of the double bass drums just adds to its majesty. The guitar work is also top-notch and the breakdown after Ryan screams ‘my heart is broken’ is one for the ages. The song then moves into an exceptionally clean interlude in the bridge where Chaulk sings: ‘I never should have let you go. Promise me you’ll stay with me forever,’ in what is an absolute spine-tingling moment. The track finally ends with a signature scream to end the song off as ferociously as it began.

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