Multi talented Jade Hubner ready to take music career to the next level

Jade Hubner
Jade Hubner

Potchefstroom Herald recently caught up with the multi-talented Jade Hubner, most well-known as a television presenter on the popular Top Billing to get to grips with Hubner musical talents. Here is her take on her new single “Just Let Me”, her love for music and her goals in the music industry.

  1. Congratulations on your single “Just Let Me”.  As I understand it is a very personal song that focuses on your time in the limelight as a presenter, actor, MC and singer. Do you feel you needed to express you  emotion through music?

Yes, I think it’s definitely the easiest and most effective way to express yourself. Being in the public eye, one cannot really take to social media or the media, it can often backfire but with music you can really be free and let go. You are able to spread the message, help those going through the same thing as you and move others with music.

  1. The song is stripped down to only you and the piano. What was the biggest challenge and greatest highlight of this track?

I think the rawness and simplicity of the track…you can hear all the ‘faults’ or vulnerabilities so that is a challenge but it is also what makes it beautiful.

  1. What contribution did André Scheepers have on this track? Was he the missing piece of the puzzle during the writing process?

Andrè was the missing piece to it all. I was feeling all these things for the past two years and I had been speaking about it to my friends and family and then he came along with this song and it was like he had climbed into my head and heart and knew exactly what I was feeling and needed to sing about at this moment.

  1. Where does your talent for singing come from? Is singing something you discovered from a young age?

I think it comes from my dad, he can sing a bit and he plays guitar too. I fell in love with singing from a very young age but it was only at age 12/13 did it become a dream of mine.

  1.       What does music means to you as a person? What inspires your music and how does your creative process work?

Music is movement, it is soul fulfilling, it gives purpose, it gives life and it is my life. I know a lot of people are inspired by people, places and what they are going through but for me it is the sound itself and the feeling it gives me. It’s hard to explain it in words. My process often begins with a catchy melody and then building it from there.

  1. You do seem to juggle a lot of different balls at once in your busy schedule. What motivates inspires you to keep going?

I think passion! I am incredibly passionate and love doing everything i do. Doing these things makes me happy so it’s literally just happiness and sheer enjoyment that keeps me moving.

  1. Next in the pipeline for you as a musician? Another single release or album?

One more single and then an album 🙂 there is going to be a big gap while i work on my album so you can expect to see a few covers in the interim. I recently covered, “sign of the times by Harry styles.” It’s filmed in the most epic location. you can check it out at under, “videos”

  1. Name three artists/local and international that you would like to collaborate with in the new feature?

Calvin Harris, Black Coffee and Kygo.


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