You, Me and the Harmony pack a punch with “Wasted Lives”

You, Me and the Harmony released their new single "Wasted Lives" in October.
You, Me and the Harmony released their new single "Wasted Lives" in October.

When a song has the ability to make your sing the chorus repeatedly and randomly throughout the day then you know that you have found something special.

Johannesburg alternative pop rockers, You, Me and the Harmony, recently released the new single “Wasted Lives” and an accompanying debut music video that is sure to be a major hit.

You, Me and the Harmony are no strangers on the scene having performed on some of SA’s biggest stages since their formation in 2013. The band consisting of (Cait Forde – Vocals, Carl Dos Santos – Guitar, Brendon McCaig – Bass and Caleb Smith – Drums) are all trained musicians and when they combine their talents they produce passionate music that get crowds moving.

The music video for “Wasted Lives” was filmed whilst the band was on tour around Johannesburg and Pretoria, as part of The Secret Things Tour and showcases the band in its element on stage.

First and foremost, this is a great sounding track, with enough variety in both the delivery of the vocals and the combination of melodic passages that drive the lyrics home.  Lyrically the track focuses on making the most of your time and persevering to the end in order to stop wasting your life on things that don’t matter. The theme of broken relationships and their ultimate demise is also a theme that listeners will surely relate to. This strong and relatable message is absolutely highlighted by the overall sound of the song, which is a mixture of speedy pop-punk melodies with stop-start alternative rock rumblings.

Carl Dos Santos keeps a solid rhythm with spluttering of guitar leads and harmonious strumming that ties in perfectly with Cait Forde’s voice. Dos Santos opens the song with a palm muted riff before it explodes in a tasty pop-rock riff as the band join in. Forde might be the closest thing to a SA version of Hayley Williams from Paramore, as she exhibits a similar vocal style. Although small in stature, Forde has superb vocal pipes and shines in this track. Once you get the chorus you can’t help but sing along: “Have you heard, that we watched our lives go by again? And I wasted all my time on you.”

One of the best aspects on “Wasted Lives” is the backing vocals from bassist Brendon McCaig. McCaig brings his A-game in the second verse and the vocal interchanges are really refreshing to the ear. It just provides more variety which is a good thing. “Wasted Lives” has a fabulous flow and keeps its edge with enough pop hooks to bridge the gap between alternative rock and radio friendly pop.  You notice a progression in their tighter sound in comparison to Contrasting Colours (the band’s first EP) and that’s a great thing.

The bridge further emphasises this band reliance on melodic hooks as it mimics the overall melody of the vocals with a rhythmic lead from Dos Santos. The interplay between McCaig with his backing vocals and Forde’s lead vocals are also a nice touch in the bridge as she repeats the chorus refrain. Also keep an ear out for Caleb Smith’s drumming on this track as he puts in some great fills to keep things fresh, whilst keeping a nice pace and flow with his beats. Smith provides the alternative touch here and his pacing in the bridge adds a heavier element.

If “Wasted Lives” is a sign of things to come then their upcoming debut album could well be a showstopper in SA local rock scene.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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