20 years for man killing lover

Patrick Mafoko has requested forgiveness from the family of the deceased. He was arrested by Sgt. Riana Keka. Photo: Selogile Leshage

Murder accused Patrick Mafoko (26) who eluded the police for a full 8 months after the death of his girlfriend Tlaleng Joyce Mosia, was sentenced to 20 years in the High Court sitting at the Potchefstroom Magistrate’s Court, last Thursday.

Acting High Court Judge Ian Derek Cox sentenced Mafoko who pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing the mother of two on 2 April, last year.
Mosia who was a cleaner at the Riverwalk Centre was one of 31 people murdered in Ikageng last year.
The Herald reported last year how the deceased’s mother Maria Nonzima Molebatsi witnessed her 33-year-old daughter’s dying moments. ‘She laid on the cold floor with the broken knife still embedded in her head. I tried to lift her up. I was looking into her face when she gave her last breath. It was as if she was waiting for me to arrive,’ said Molebatsi at that time.
In the accused’s plea statement to court read by his defence, Adv. Khomotso Tlouane, Mafoko said: ‘An argument arose between the two of them as his girlfriend accused him of being useless and unable to satisfy her sexual needs. His girlfriend told him that she has found new love and was going to terminate their relationship.’
In a fit of rage and jealousy and fear of losing his girlfriend, Mafoko took a knife from headboard of the bed, stabbed her and left.

The death of Tlaleng Joyce Mosia has left her two daughters scarred for life.

Children exposed to traumatic events
The state prosecutor, Adv. Robert Molokwane told the court how Patrick stabbed Mosia in front of her two daughters. ‘The children had to escape through the window’s burglar bars and went to hide at the neighbour’s house. The accused had locked the door after stabbing the mother,’ said Adv. Molokwane.
Adv. Molokwane highlighted the trauma that the daughters went through when he called the first witness, Lungile Mokwena, a practicing clinical psychologist with thirteen years of experience.
Mokwena testified that after assessing the victim’s two daughters, aged 8 and 9 respectively, it was evident that they suffered from depression and acute stress disorder. ‘They observed a gruesome scene, it will stay in their minds for the rest of their lives,’ she said.
Sentence too lenient
Her mother, Molebatsi says the family is not happy about the 20-year sentence. ‘This is too lenient.He should have received a life sentence because he will be out before serving 20 years. I will never see my daughter again and he will be out soon. Her daughters are living in fear and have asked me how they will go to school when he is out. They believe he will come after them and kill them,’ she said.
Selogile Leshage

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