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Stick To Your Guns
Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns are renowned for their outspoken lyrics, hardcore-punk music and the ability to put their words and ideas across with thunderous music that forces you to sit up and listen.
Simply put, there is no band like Stick To Your Guns in this day and age. Emotion, passion and intensity are a staple of their music and their latest (sixth) album, True View is a perfect example of this. It was written in a more personal manner – of self-discovery and self-acceptance – while tackling some of society’s issues like hate, discrimination, genocide and so forth.
The band currently consists of Jesse Barnett (vocals), Andrew Rose (bass), George Schmitz (drums), Chris Rawson and Josh James (guitars).
Here are my top 5 songs from this album:
5. Cave Canem
This number starts out with a grunge riff before the bass guitar from Rose and drums from Schmitz give the song a further edge. The lyrics are extremely strong and paint a picture of the world’s suffering and the juxtaposition of empathy and apathy in the world today.
Barnett delivers the lyrics with utmost ferocity as he asked some hard-hitting questions: ‘When opening the gates of hell still isn’t enough What else will it take? Will we not stop until all is destroyed? Is losing everything the only way this will change?’
The song also has a memorable chorus with a fantastic riff from both Rawson and James solidifying its singalong nature.
The track then goes hardcore in the outro as it changes pace to where a defiant declaration is made with gang vocals and a vicious breakdown: ‘This is the last and final warning: Cave Canem’ (in other words, beware of the dog). A song that sends out a strong message.

4. The Reach For Me: Forgiveness of Self
This is one of the slower numbers on the album as Barnett gets the chance to open up on his own inner demons and issues in a brilliant track that focuses on self-forgiveness and learning from your mistakes to be a better person.
The chorus flows smoothly and just showcases Barnett’s ability to transition between fast hardcore scream vocals and softer melodic crooning.
The song fits perfectly as an album closer and contains some of the best lyrics on True View: ‘And if I can’t learn from what I’ve done The pain I’ve felt has been for nothing. All for nothing. And if I can’t forgive myself for the pain I’ve caused it will always haunt me. Oh, I’m so sorry.’

3. The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: ‘Penance of Self’
This song is all about being brutally honest with yourself in order to become a better person. This topic of self is something that barely gets attention in music. Luckily, Stick To Your Guns orchestrates a candid and emotional journey of self-acceptance on this track.
The number is as hardcore as they come with fast-paced lyrics in the verse and a fantastic chorus with a different vocal style that creates a haunting effect to match the lyrics:
‘Weak attempts at change. Carry me backwards. Too little, too late. Now live with the hurt. For everything, I have an excuse. But some things are not long hidden: The sun, the moon, the truth,’
Now the hands of fate are here to collect. Nothing here is safe until I reflect. I run from myself, no end in sight. Numb on the inside from living a lie,’ Barnett continues.
Another brilliant part of the song lies in its outro and breakdown that is just perfectly timed. A must listen.

2. Doomed By You

This short, sharp track focuses on erasing negativity and the people who cause it from your life and, in turn, not doubting yourself. The song has a fantastic intro as Barnett sings ‘I’ve lost so much sleep.
Mistaking your voice in my ear for the voice in my head,’ to the sound of a punk riff in the background.
The song switches effortlessly from the melodic pre-chorus to a loud breakdown in the chorus and that is certainly one of the highlights as he screams, ‘I won’t be doomed by you’ to all his naysayers.
This song is also furious and reaches a brutal climax with the best breakdown in the album to end things off with an added bass solo from Rose in its buildup.
The double bass from Schmitz is a sweet addition to the number as Barnett and Co. scream ‘you don’t have what it takes!’

1. Married to The Noise
‘I found a place to belong So I went all in. I walked right in the mouth of it And never looked back again. The only thing that remains. Through the loss and the pain. As for me, there was no other choice. I’m married to the noise.’
This is how this amazing song starts off as Barnett signals his own true view and passion for music in this defiant number. It hits you right in the heart from the onset as single strummed riffs from Rawson and a three-chord pattern from James set this track in motion.
The breakdown interlude after the opening verse is fantastic and acts as the main riff that will get you headbanging.
The next verse with its heavy influence on the drums and bass combo and shouted backing vocals are great.
The chorus is also one of the best parts of this song and acts as a statement of intent: ‘Don’t care if you can’t see what I see. I’m still here. (Oh, oh) No, I don’t care. I never needed a reason. Yeah, I’m still here.’

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