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War of Ages
War of Ages

War of Ages has been around the metalcore scene for 15 years and, with their newest offering, Alpha, they continue to blow minds and gain new fans of their honest and hard-hitting music.
This Christian band uses their faith and beliefs to spread a strong universal message. Combined with heavy music, it creates a resonance that any metal lover will understand while getting listeners to the core of their music – music with soul, passion and intensity.
The band currently consists of Leroy Hamp – lead vocals, Steve Brown – guitar, Kaleb Luebchow – drums, Jack Daniels – guitar and Andy Cutrell – bass, vocals.
Honourable mentions: ‘On Broken Wings’, ‘From Ashes’, ‘Immortal’, ‘Silent Night’, ‘Unite’, ‘Songs of Solomon’, ‘With Honor’.
5. Cut Throat
This is definitely one of the band’s most hard-hitting tracks. It focuses on the state of the world and how negativity can influence society. The battle between good and evil is emphasised here with haunting guitar riffs and raucous lead vocals from Hamp: ‘Death to your movement. The fear is crippling. Truth purged by evil. Prepare your heart for war.’ This track has a non-stop ferocity that is defiant, not only in music but also in the lyrics: ‘We are rebellion, fight through corruption!’ This song shows the band’s maturity and willingness to confront society with their lyrics and standpoint. This is what inspirational metalcore music is all about.

4. Final Act
The guitar work in this song is a joy to listen to as the dual guitars from Brown and Daniels start it off. The tapping leads are pure magic and one reason why this band is regarded as some of the most talented instrumentalists.
The theme of the song focuses on the appreciation of life, bringing praise and breaking chains that hold you down. The vocalist, Leroy Hamp really lays down some solid vocals in this track to complement the thunderous and melodic guitars: ‘God give me the strength I need. Lift the weight from my path. Stand back as we pray for You. You are the reason we breathe.’ The guitar solo in the bridge is also an absolute masterpiece and one of the highlights of this song. Brilliance personified.

3. Psalms
This song from Return to Life is a bold statement on a relationship with Christ and the need to keep relationships strong. This is a personal statement of trust from the band and one of the most beautifully written songs: ‘You were there for me through all the pain I felt. We lift you higher than ever. You are the same the great I am. We lift you higher than ever. I am a slave to nothing nor am I of this world, as we rise to our feet we walk the narrow road,’ sings Hamp in one of the most enduring vocal displays from the frontman.
The song also has some majestic riffs like the intro passage that just speeds up brilliantly. The pacing between stop-start breakdown riffs and lightning-fast tapping is what makes this track stand out to me. Another beautifully crafted solo just places this song into a high gear.

2. Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory has a different sound to other War of Ages songs and this, combined with its hard-hitting verse and memorable chorus, puts this into the second spot on the countdown. This is one of War of Ages’s most beloved songs that really starts with a bang as Hamp screams, ‘We won’t believe you are hopeless. Praying for you with tongues of fire. Look at me when I tell you. You were loved at your first breath,’ as this inspirational song looks at identity, self-worth and love and how spreading light and compassion can truly change lives. A really strong song that encapsulates everything that makes War of Ages great. The stop-start rhythm in the intro and the use of various musical effects also establishes this song as one of the band’s most unique offerings.

1. Collapse
This is the quintessential War of Ages song. It starts off with group vocals on the back of a muted riff before Hamp explodes with a gnarly scream that mixes brilliantly with the clean vocals. This number makes use of a lot of chugging riffs and complex melodies that complement the song well. The lyrics focus on the need to stay true to what guides you and to die to one’s own desires. The strong message here is that we can’t do everything on our own: ‘Just an ounce of fear with a cost Pushed us into a place of regret. We never thought we would cower. We’re losing ground with integrity. Innocence can’t hold a candle To light the path we chose. Through the blood of a saviour Our death shall set us free.’ A powerful song with a perfect message.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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