Taking a leisurely stroll on a Blues-rock paved road with The Amblers new EP

Personal messages combined with a gritty and powerful blues rock attitude is the best way to describe The Amblers and their newest EP The Dustling Man. The talent of two of SA’s finest musicians in Justin Swart (vocals, guitar) and Jason Hinch (drums) are brought to the fore in this short body of work that keeps you begging for more. Passion, power and personality reflect in the lyrics and musicianship and this is one of the freshest releases this year. Their combination of folk and blues go together like a fine whisky on a hot summer’s day.

Here is a short track by track run down of The Dustling Man:

  1. Keep Me Screamin’

The pounding drums and chunky guitar riff introduces the first track on the album with gusto as Swart’s soulful voice fills in with the drums keeping a great tempo in the verse and chorus. The verse is a stop-start affair with short and sharp storytelling vibes that fits perfectly with the instrumentation. The guitar solo after the second verse gets your fists pumping and head banging and is a superb addition before the catchy chorus hits. It has a Queens of the Stone’s Age and a White Stripes feel to it and that is a true testament to the quality of this track. A fantastic introduction to the band’s sound.

  1. Sometimes

This song has a real old school dirty rock and roll vibe to it with distorted guitars creating the perfect platform for Swart to lay it all bare in his personal vocals. The slow tempo of this track works well draw the listener in and showcases the band’s versatility with different guitar sounds in this track. “It’s time to let go. You gave your whole heart and now it’s broke” sings Swart as the theme of relationships and love comes to the forefront in the opening verse of the track. Groovy, emotional and almost sleazy would be the best way to sum up this slow burner.

  1. Tired

The opening distorted guitar tones combined with melodic keys gives this song an utterly unique feel from the outset. The verse incorporates the use of delayed clean guitar tones and a distant drum beat to as the foundation of the song. Swart chronicles the struggles of being tired and finding your own voice when times are tough with a deep vocal performance that is emotional and raw. The almost catharthic nature of the blues and music’s ability to express one’s feelings comes strong to the forefront here. One of my favourite songs from the EP.

  1. Dustling Man

The title track has a distorted blues rock feel to it with a real gritty crunch of musical falvour that will get you up off your seat. The main riff is an inspired mix of overly distorted riff that oozes attitude out of its pores. The chorus is also simple yet effective as Swart sings “I am the dustling man” to a great groove in the background. The number showcases the power and effectiveness of classic blues rock at its fullest.


Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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