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Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil

US rockers Pierce The Veil are one of the bands that evoke a lot of attention with their large fanbase and catchy tunes. They may not fall into every metalhead’s taste as they might be too mainstream or rock orientated – still they have the ability to induce moshpits with some hard hitting tracks and clearly this steers them away from any mainstream stage. In essence Pierce the Veil bridge the gap between catchiness and raw aggression with superb guitar hooks, unbridled passion and a keen ear for melody. Vic Fuentes is also one of the most popular frontmen in the scene and his high pitched voice is one of the band’s unique factors. The band currently consists of Vic Fuentes – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, pianos, Mike Fuentes – drums, percussion, Tony Perry – lead guitar and Jaime Preciado – bass guitar, backing vocals. Here is a look at some of the band’s best tracks.
Honourable Mentions: Texas Is Forever, Bulletproof Love
5. Hold On Till May
We begin this countdown with a slower melodic number which is one of the crowd favourites live. This is a perfect sing along song with enough emotion to bring a grown man to tears. The lyrics focus on love and the complications involved in relationships. Fuentes really stars with his high pitch vocals taking centre stage as he truly sings his heart out on this number. The addition of female vocals as a duet in this track adds to the interplay and theme of focusing two sides in a relationship. The song structure lends itself to the ups and downs of a relationship and the musicianship here must be commended with distorted guitars and pounding drums giving it a unique edge. The lyrics “this love was out of control, tell me where did it go?’” are my favourite from this song.

4. Bulls In The Bronx
The band’s latin influences come strong to the forefront on this song that once again hones in on relationships and love. The acoustic “bullfighter music” between the chorus and verse is one of the unique aspects of this song and adds something unique to the genre. The almost 40 second instrumental is as sweet as anything that you will listen to from this four piece. Overall, the song is a true metal tour de force with offbeat breakdown riffs, a typical catchy metalcore clean chorus and some insane riffs and screams. The chorus where Fuentes sings, “Maybe we are just having too much fun, maybe you can’t handle yourself,” is one of the best parts. This is especially the case when the chorus move to the crescendo in the outro as Fuentes hits some incredible high notes. The song then fades into a piano interlude to end off on a memorable note.

3. Today I Saw The Whole World
Ferocious and frantic are two ways to describe this banger of a track. “Today I Saw The Whole World” is one of the latest singles from Pierce The Veil, found on their Misadventours album and this song has everything that makes this band so appealing. The dual guitars from Fuentes and Perry start this one off on a high not before Fuentes crashes in with a brilliantly delivered first verse. The lead guitar harmonics are an absolute treat as well as the superb balance between clean and distant screamed vocals. The chorus is another memorable part where the vocal “Wooah wooah’s” mimic the lead guitar solo. This in a sense makes perfect musical sense and just adds to the catchiness of the song. The music video is also a genuine thrill ride full of colour and movement – a real must watch to sense the energy of this band.

2. Caraphernelia
The title of this song is quite interesting in the sense that it focuses on separation in a relationship and belongings and memories that are left behind.
Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember also adds his vocal abilities to this song as he screams the chorus at full tilt to add further emotion and anger into the lyrics: “So what if I can’t forget you. You can’t just throw me away.”
The interplay from Fuentes’ clean melodies and McKinnon’s angry screams are a great pay off and the heartache and sorrow associated with broken relationships just seems that much more real.
“What’s so good about picking up the pieces, what if I don’t even want to?” sings Fuentes as he laments the breaking down of relationships and how past memories and moments fade away.
The bridge of the song with its guitar solo and riffs is one of highlights from this track that has numerous harder and softer passages, especially at the bridge where the song slows down considerably before the two vocalists go at it one last time with a thunderous chorus. A great example of how two contrasting styles complement each other to perfection.

1.King For A Day
The number one song from Pierce The Veil’s discography is none other than “King For A Day.” This song hits you right between the eyes from the start as Fuentes hits some huge screams with a fast paced guitar riff and drum beat. The chorus is one of their best as the melodies and vocal range abilities of Fuentes add even more luster to the song: “I don’t want to feel a thing anymore. I’m tired of begging for the thing that I want, I’m over sleeping like a dog on the floor.”
Theme of paranoia, anger and frustration in the search for love are predominant here and the defiant nature of the lyrics and its delivery is perfectly done.
The guitar riffs from Perry and Fuentes in the bridge and the subsequent breakdown is one of the band’s most recognisable passages and with good reason. The harshness in the vocals and atmospheric backing instrumentals are brilliant. Mike Fuentes is also an absolute monster on the drums on this track.

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