On My Playlist: Top 5 Belmont songs


Belmont is one of the best new pop-punk bands to come onto the scene with their energetic live performances and stellar fast-paced music. They set the tone with heartfelt lyrics and on point references in their music that is also filled with numerous unique aspects that make them stand out from the pack. This US-based band currently consists of Taz Johnson – vocals, Brian Lada – drums, Sam Patt – guitar/backing vocals and Matt Fusi – guitar.
Honourable mentions: ‘Step Aside’
5. Shackles
This number features two unique elements from the start as Johnson’s slow-paced lyrics, combined with soulful clean guitar riffs, sets the mood for this song about waiting and wandering around for a relationship to start. Johnson’s delivery of the lyrics: ‘So, take your time ‘cause I sure as hell took mine. I got so sick of waiting, I got so sick of wasting away.’
The song then reaches part two where the pace suddenly speeds up with the entire band joining in to put the proverbial punk into this track. The chorus where Johnson sings ‘I won’t call your bluff’ is another perfect example of the catchy hooks that Belmont creates. The drumming of Lada is also exceptional and gives a taste of what is to come in the percussion department. ‘Shackles’ is one of a few unique songs from this band that showcase their versatility.

4. Solitude
Once again, Lada’s drumming comes to the fore in this song with some ridiculous fills that will leave you scratching your head – definitely up there with the best in the genre, in my opinion. The song progresses into a fast-paced number that pays homage to the genre but still keeps the melodic simplicity that Belmont is known for. Patt’s unclean screams of anguish also work perfectly here as they bounce off Johnson’s higher cleans to give the song an edgier feel. The breakdown at the bridge is one of the many highlights of this song where up and down time signatures and off-beat rhythms dominate your eardrums.

3. 731
This short, sharp number is one of my favourite Belmont tracks. It opens up with guitar harmonics and a melodic riff that perfectly fit into the punk style before Johnson adds his lyrical storytelling to the piece. Patt’s backing vocals again feature strongly here. The lyrics: ‘I’ve been trying my best to feel safe in my skin. Blur the lines to make up for my selfish pretence,’ are some of the best lyrics and parts of this song that intertwine with a stop-start guitar and drumming rhythm.

2. Miniscule
The guitar hook on this number is just too sweet for words as it continually progresses in various keys and tempo changes throughout this layered song. The song focuses on feeling lonely, sad and minuscule when a relationship goes wrong and how someone always seems to come out at the short end when things fall apart. ‘Push me so far away and retrace the steps we take. I’ll keep waiting until you relapse and break,’ indicates the anger and sadness in this song that showcases the damage that deceit can cause. Johnson confidently sings in the chorus, ‘go waste your own time and give me back mine.’ The main guitar riff then continues in the bridge where it changes pace brilliantly with some added melodies to keep it fresh. A masterclass on how to progressively construct a song.

1. Overstepping
Just listen to the opening riff and drum pattern and you already know what you are listening to – an absolute gem of a track. The second part of this extended opening instrumental will get you headbanging in no time as the dropped guitar tones and extremely quick drumming put the song into overdrive. The distinct guitar riff and melodies are breathtaking and, combined with clever lyrics, put this song into the deserved number one spot. Lada is on point on the drums and creates the perfect foundation for the band to show their creativity on the guitar as Patt and Fusi go on a riff rampage throughout.
Lyrically, this song focuses on broken relationships and how things should rather be forgotten. Here, the singer wants space and a complete break instead of falling for the same previous mistakes. Overall, a really catchy song.


Wouter Pienaar
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