SECRETS excited for first SA tour this April

US-band SECRETS are on their way to South Africa for the first time in April where they will play 3 shows with some of South Africa’s best local acts, such Facing The Gallows, OneDaySky and the returning A Fate Like Yours. This was all made possible by Jampacked Productions who are bringing 5 international bands for South African tours, in aid of Rocking for Rhino’s. This year their aim is to raise R1 000 000 for Rhino conservation in South Africa.

Potchefstroom Herald’s Wouter Pienaar spoke to SECRETS guitarist and vocalist, Richard Rogers, about their tour to SA, their new album, set for release on 23 February and the creative process in the band among other things.

  1. Hi Richard we here in South Africa are excited to have you here in our country for the first time in April. How excited are you to visit SA and what are your expectations for the shows here? We are beyond excited about this tour. South Africa is such a beautiful place and we’re fortunate to get to visit. We’re gonna give everything we have at these shows and all we hope is that the crowd does the same, but either way we’ll be having a good time!
  2. Have you guys had a look at the supporting acts for your visit to SA. What do you know about the South African post-hardcore/metalcore scene? I actually haven’t checked out the line up, but we’ll be watching a bit of each band live. I’m sure you guys have to have a small, but rad local scene
  3. You are releasing your fourth album (self-titled) on 23 February, what can fans expect from the album. Is it going to have a heavier sound as found on your first records? The new single “Five Years” had a  heavy sound to it.   We try to combine multiple genres in our music, because we all love so many different things, so for this album you can expect a little of everything to the extreme.
  4. What inspired the album artwork for the SECRETS self-titled album? This band has so much history and so many things we’ve had to overcome. The artwork represents the rebuilding of the band.
  5. The single “Incredible” was met positively by fans and critics. Could you give a quick summary of what this song is about and what inspired it?  “Incredible” is about being saved from yourself and the journey to become a better person.
  6. What would you say has been your biggest achievement as a band? And what would you say has been your biggest challenges? I think this record is our biggest achievement as well as our biggest challenge. We knew that coming into this record it was make or break so we put everything into it and we talk about very important, deep topics in our life and it’s difficult to be that vulnerable.
  7. In what direction do you guys see the band growing into? What would be your biggest goals for the band in the near future? We all just want to continue to play music, be inspired, inspire, see the world. A mansion and a Maserati would be nice, but all we want is to keep playing music, but I would really love a mansion and a Maserati!


  1. Secrets are set for a huge SA tour this April in aid of Rocking For Rhinos.

    Secrets are set for a huge SA tour this April in aid of Rocking For Rhinos.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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