Red Helen ready to make 2018 a year to remember with Turning Tricks Entertainment

Red Helen.
Red Helen.

The experienced and illustrious music management and booking company, Turning Tricks Entertainment, recently signed SA progressive metalcore band, Red Helen, to their stable. Potchefstroom Herald’s Wouter Pienaar, spoke to Red Helen frontman, Brandon Pratt on this exciting new development and what 2018 holds for Red Helen.

Red Helen.

Red Helen.

  1. Hi Brandon. Congratulations on Red Helen’s signing to Turning Tricks Entertainment. How did this come about and is it something that your band wanted to do?

Thank you very much! We are incredibly excited about our partnership with the awesome people at Turning Tricks entertainment! We’ve known the TTE guys for years and Have worked together many, many times in the past both with Krankd up Fest, Tesseract and on many other occasions! We’ve always loved the way TTE treat local artists, the international artists they bring to our shores and the awesome events they put on. They’re also just damn awesome people who we’ve personally been fans of for ages! So Exciting times ahead for sure!

2. Red Helen has become one of the biggest names in the SA metal scene. Do you feel that signing with Turning Tricks gives you an opportunity to branch out internationally?

Absolutely, with our new partnership with TTE we’re hoping to branch out to international shores in the very near future as well as hit our own local scene harder than ever

3. You guys have played internationally at Wacken 2014. Are there other big festivals, shows or countries that you would like to play in?

Definitely! Honestly, we would absolutely love the opportunity to perform at Wacken again, what an amazing experience that was! Other than that one of the amazing opportunities found when playing in a band is the opportunity to travel and we are excited about the prospect of performing all over the world! There are many many festivals world wide we’d love to perform at but we’d love to start with the European festival circuit!

4. Red Helen released “Trading Past For Pathways” in 2017, how happy were you guys with the tour for that album and the overall reaction to the album?

The reception to the album was very positive! After three years of hard work on TPFP there’s always a little concern as to whether or not fans that have been waiting the full three years or longer are going to feel it was worth the wait and thankfully many fans did! We have the best fans in the world and we really appreciate their patience and support! The tour was also a success and was a ton of fun! We can’t wait to get back on the road and do another SA tour later this year!

5. What show in 2017 sticks out for you as a band? What were the biggest highlights and challenges in 2017 as a band?

2017 was a great year for us! Shows and events that were definitely highlights for us have to include all of the TPFP Album launch tour dates, signing with Monster Energy, Opening for Tesseract (a dream come true!) and Krankd up Fest!

6. What does 2018 hold for Red Helen? Will you guys be back in studio or mainly touring? In other words, what can fans expect?

2018 is going to be a busy year for us! We’ve got a couple exciting things up our sleeves but without giving too much away RH fans can expect new music (yup, new music!) , new tours to new towns, new merch and a new exciting chapter in the life of RH! Keep an eye & ear out for news soon!

7. 2018 is also the 10th year that Red Helen has existed as a band, any plans to release something special as an anniversary gifts to your loyal fans?

Wow! It’s been 10 years already!? That’s pretty crazy! Haha now that you mention it we really should do something cool to celebrate the 10 year mark! We’ll have to get on that! Stay tuned!

8. If you could collaborate with one band this year, who would you pick (local or international)?

Good question! We’ve been incredibly fortunate as musicians to collaborate with many of the other artists and bands in our scene! We enjoy collaboration with other artists and with the various different genres we’re involved with it’s hard to pin point a specific band we’d like to collaborate with! What I will say is besides RH keep a good look out for the many other side projects and other bands we’re involved with! Everything from brutal death metal and hardcore to acoustic and Afrikaans pop!



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