Alumni reacts to attack on the Bult

Thabang Mosiako in hospital.

Although the attack happened off campus, former NWU students and other prominent individuals who have experienced racial attacks on campus have reacted to the incident and called for racial attacks to stop.

They have decried the university’s inability to deal with such attacks in the past. ‘Even when cases are reported at the protection services, they are swept under the carpet. The perpetrators do not get punished but the victims are told that the cases have already been dealt with,’ said a former law student. Some have called for a protest march against the university.
Former SA Olympic medallist enraged by the attack
An enraged Hezekiel Sepeng, the former SA Olympic medallist says he has lived near the campus and knows the situation.
‘The Puk students are out of line – they think they own Bourbon Street and the university.
‘I have experienced the same treatment and there are others who have stayed near the university. This has to be taken seriously by whoever has the power to do something because Potchefstroom hosts a lot of international athletes. I have received an inbox from one coach, asking if it is safe for the athletes,’ he said.
‘The athlete that was injured was about to represent South Africa internationally and was one of the promising future athletes. What will happen to him if he is permanently injured?’ he asked. ‘His family depends on him for financial support and these spoilt brats (students) with rich families come and take that from him and nothing is said or done,’ he said.
‘This needs to stop!’
Some of the comments on Facebook:
Ryan Maasdorp: ‘There’s ways. I can tell of a lot of these incidents where Protection Services wouldn’t do anything’.
Tshepo Prince Mpatane: ‘Looks like nothing has been done since our last incident regarding this barbaric acts to innocent students’.
Lerato Sebelebele Bokang Koela: ‘I guess the NWU has got nothing to do with it “as always” since it happened outside the premises of the university…. The Struggle Continues gents’.
Francois Frannie Naudé: ‘Report it Rantso B Mokopane. Unfortunately we have a racial struggle in this Country. Both you and Ryan Maasdorp know that this in not the case with white people as a whole. Violence is unacceptable and those guys should get a hard punishment by Police’.
Francois Bruwer: Sorry to hear about this, it is truly disgusting. We pray for a thorough recovery.
Tiisetso Mariti Maserati Uchiha: ‘I always tell you about those racist pigs’.
Khomotso Mafoko: ‘Talking with no Action won’t help us. Did you see them? Do you know them? If so, let us know and we should go to police station with an organised March to PuK Campus. I’ll take a day off. We can’t be bullied and it’s unacceptable. Please let’s organise it ASAP. I’m available if needed’.
Radikeleko Sisco Tladi: ‘Their seems to be a growing trend of white minorities assaulting our people. I’m also not the type to poke into an open wound but sometimes you’ve got to call a spade a spade.Or perhaps I’m being subjective’.
Rapi Ntsimane: ‘I hope this post does not land you in trouble with the NWU because they have a tendency of only caring about their reputation in creating a false sense of unity at their potch campus instead of actually addressing the issue. You have been a model representative for the varsity on different international podiums, flying it’s flag high. I hope the assist you in your quest for justice and not bring the usual “bringing the name of the university into disrepute ” nonsense when they eventually call you before their DC’.
Selogile Leshage

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