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12 Stones
12 Stones

A staple of the 2000’s rock and post-grunge scene, 12 Stones are still an active band and are one of the few bands of the genre to still churn out albums and perform for their strong fanbase.
The lead vocalist and guitarist, Paul McCoy has one of the most recognisable and soothing voices in modern rock, having featured in the Evanescence hit single ‘Bring Me To Life’. 12 Stones are more than one-hit wonders and are one of the most underrated bands of their genre and generation.
The band currently consists of Paul McCoy – lead vocals (2000–present) rhythm guitar (2012–2016), Eric Weaver – lead guitar, backing vocals (2000–present) and Sean Dunaway – drums (2014–present).
Honourable Mentions: ‘Broken Road’, ‘Lie to Me’, ‘Home’, ‘Fade Away’, ‘Far Away’, ‘Infected’, ‘Shadows’.
5. Anthem For The Underdog
The mix of clean and distorted guitar in this track is the foundation on which 12 Stones music is based. Alongside the musical elements, there is a strong lyrical message of never giving up and going on, whatever it takes.
The band prides itself on their positive message and this song is another clear example of this.
The guitar work from Weaver, especially with the guitar solo, is one of the highlights of ‘Anthem For The Underdog’. An all-round solid track that deserves a mention.
4. Bulletproof
The bass guitar riff at the beginning of the song is enough to get it into a top 5 list but what really makes it shine is its extremely melodic chorus that sets the pace perfectly. McCoy really excels on this track about taking control of your own life and not letting others walk over you and being the best person that you can be.
The bridge with the rare breakdown also takes this track into a metal territory, which is not a bad thing at all.
The lyrics ‘I’m feeling superhuman, I’m invincible, I’m bulletproof I’m on a revolution. I’m invincible, I’m bulletproof’ is an example of the positive and self-empowering nature of this song.
3. The Way I Feel
The clean, melodic guitar intro and main riff are one of the most recognisable parts of this early 2002 hit that saw the real, emotional side of 12 Stones.
The internal strife in this song was a perfect soundtrack to countless young people’s lives and it packs a true lyrical punch with fantastic lyrics about leaving pain and suffering behind for a full life of freedom. ‘Cause I hate the way I feel tonight And I know I need you in my life. Yes I hate the way I feel inside And I promise to make the sacrifice.’
McCoy is on point with his vocals and its delivery really hits you right in the heart. One of the most honest songs from 12 Stones.
2. Lifeless
This song from the 2004 album, Potter’s Field is one of the true hidden gems of this band that focuses on depression and the need to escape bad habits, and how bad relationships can put you in this state of mind.
The opening guitar riff is simple but effective and carries the song, as a whole, alongside the genuine lyrics and vocal delivery from McCoy: ‘Will I bow down to this life that I live, will I find Freedom or lose it all again all I keep thinking is where I need to be, all I can hope for is someone To take me away’.
1. Broken
This is the quintessential 12 Stones song that showcases everything that makes this band great and accessible for both the hardcore and casual listener.
The opening scream from McCoy and riff from Weaver set this track up for what’s to come with slower tempered, clean guitar verses and a hard-hitting chorus.
The lyrics of the chorus are beautiful and they look at brokenness, despair and the need to get redemption and peace: ‘Cause I’m broken, I know I need you now. ‘Cause deep inside I’m broken, You see the way I live I know, I know your heart is broken, when I turn away I need to be broken, take the pain away’. McCoy’s screams in this song are one of the highlights and the heaviness of the song is perfectly represented in both the music and lyrics.

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