On My Playlist: Top 5 Disciple Songs


Disciple has been one of the longest-serving Christian hard rock bands on the scene, having started all the way back in 1992. Under the leadership of the lead vocalist and founding member, Kevin Young, the band has released 11 albums with numerous different sounding tracks and a plethora of life-saving messages.
The band currently consists of Kevin Young – lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Andrew Stanton – lead guitar, backing vocals; Josiah Prince – rhythm guitar, piano, backing vocals and Joey West – drums (2013–present).
Honourable Mentions: ‘Battle Lines’, ‘O God, Save Us All’ and ‘Purpose to Melody’.
5. Dive
This song from the album Scars Remain is one of band’s most uplifting numbers and starts off with a stellar guitar riff intro from Andrew Stanton. The vocalist, Kevin Young also gives a great performance with a really catchy chorus: ‘All I desire is everything that you are. Strength is renewed as I wait on you God.’ This track is all about climbing higher and having faith to take the plunge towards something greater.

4. Beautiful Scars
The intro guitar interlude is one of the best that the band has created and its simplicity is its greatest asset. The lyrics are absolutely fantastic with a wonderful flow from start to finish. The song is all about living with your imperfections and knowing your worth.
Young shines with some memorable vocals on this track: ‘We were the bruised. We were the broken. We don’t live in pieces anymore. We have won. We have overcome. Our scars have been made beautiful. We’re the redeemed. This is who we are.’

3. Game On
‘When the lights go up and the game is on. Are you ready for me ‘cause I’m ready for you? When the bell rings out and the fight is on. Are you ready for me ‘cause I’m ready for you? It’s time for us to start throwing down. Look and see who’s standing now.’
The intro with the pulsating and raucous lyrics sets this song off on a high note. It exudes positive energy, with determination and the need to stand up and fight being the main themes of this track. The dirty, explosive guitar riff forms the backbone of the number with Young’s screamed vocals adding that extra edge. The song slows down with whispered vocals in the bridge as the separation and anger reach its boiling point:
‘I can’t just stand by. There’s no way that I can stand by. This time, I will not stand by. I am coming and if I come then pain is coming with me. I’m coming and pain will be with me.’

2. Unstoppable
‘Unstoppable’ is one of the hardest rocking tracks from Disciple that hits you right from the start with the ferocious chugging guitar patterns and pounding drums. The track has immense intensity and keeps up the pace throughout, never lingering for a minute.
‘I’m on top, ahead, below, behind. The fortress inside. There’s nothing in this world to take you down,’ showcases this to a tee.

1. Once And For All
This is one of Disciple’s slower, more melodic songs with a positive message that radiates everything this band is about. It is all about grace and the redemption that comes with giving one’s life to Jesus. The band’s faith comes out strongly and this song holds something extra special for believers. The track has many layers with violin and synths colouring the song and taking it to new heights. ‘Every little secret that I kept there. Locked inside my heart. Every single regret, every misstep that kept me in the dark. But now I stand face to face. With the light of Your Grace. And all the weight of all my shame begins to fall. Once and for all.’

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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