One on one with Asila

Johannesburg alternative rockers Asila, proudly released their newest single “Resistance” this past week and Potchefstroom Herald took the time to get to know this female fronted band:

Asila is:

Hana Mutfic – Vocals
Richard Globisch – Guitar
Adrian Patterson – Bass Guitar
Taryn Young – Drums

     1.  How would you describe the sound of Asila to new listeners?

We’re a female fronted alternative rock band with songs that range from intense hard rock tracks to fun and groovy funk inspired tracks.

Think soulful, emotive vocals with some grooving instrumentation behind it.

  1. I listened to the new single “Resistance” and it has a lot of different influences. A really unique sound. What would you say was the main inspirations behind the track?

Thank you! This track started off with the verse guitar riff. Musically we were looking to do something with a more slow tempo and a staccato feel. Like a slowed down funk riff based around a Bbm7 chord. Bands like Muse and Royal Blood inspired the fuzz guitar sound which we then layered over it. The solo is influenced by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello!

Lyrically the song was inspired by overcoming the disappointment from people close to you. Hana writes all the lyrics and she is very secretive about the meanings. So you’ll have to  listen and decide for yourself.

  1. The music video also has a real Film Noir feel to it. Dark and brooding. What were the main reasons for this music video concept?

We wanted a unique concept that was not necessarily too obvious to the meaning of the song, but still to a small extent holding true to the notion of overcoming something. We wanted something different, interesting and Quintin Tarentino style brutality! The guys from TITE productions added the whole vibe, excitement and Film Noir feel to it.

  1. How has the response to the name change been? What was the main behind renaming the band “Asila?”

The response has been good so far! We’ve had a lot of good comments so far and the song has been play listed on a few local stations.

Over the years Revery has had numerous band member changes and with that, a lot of change in terms of the sound. With Taryn joining, we solidified our sound. After recording the first album, which consisted mainly of songs written over the previous 3 years, we felt we needed a new name to signify the new sound and new chapter of the journey of the four of us. The name is also a lot more original than Revery.

  1. Who writes the lyrics and how do you as a band structure your songs? Lyrics/instruments first or a combination of both?

Hana writes all the lyrics. Generally a song will start with a guitar based idea around a verse and chorus. If the idea is good Richard records a rough demo with bass and programmed drums and gives that to Hana. If she likes it she writes lyrics and melodies over that. Adrian and Taryn then add their ideas to it and we start shaping the song until we’re happy with it.

Hana has also started songs off by writing the chord progression on guitar and then having the band take it further. (In the shadows from Firebird and Fight from Acid Rain)

  1. Do you feel that Asila has a different sound based on the female vocals. In other words does it make you stand out from the crowd?

We think so, yes! In a scene that is predominantly male dominated, female musicians and singers definitely stand out! We need more of that! Girl Power!

  1. What are Asila’s plans for the rest of 2018 and what can fans expect?

Our main goal is to release a few more videos for our singles. We are also embarking on an escapade in the USA to see if we can make something happen there.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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