SA instrumental rockers set for massive Germany tour

Ohgod are set to tour Germany in their biggest tour to date. Photo: Laura McCullagh
Ohgod are set to tour Germany in their biggest tour to date. Photo: Laura McCullagh

South African progressive/instrumental post-rock act, Ohgod, are embarking on their biggest tour to date when they head to Germany in May this year. They will also be supporting progressive metalcore giants Jinjer on the German leg of their Cloud Factories Tour 2018 along with The Dali Thundering Concept.

David Houston from Ohgod spoke to Potchefstroom Herald regarding their upcoming tour, the response to their debut album and the future ahead.

  1. “The Great Silence” was one of the best local releases in 2017. How has the response to the album been till this point?

Thanks! The response has been phenomenal, we have been getting some great feedback! A lot of it seems to come from a really genuine/ authentic place where people seem to be really moved by it and they share with us what they have experienced on a personal level while listening to it. That makes us super happy!

  1. How excited are you for “The Great Silence” tour in Germany sharing the stage with Jinjer and The Dali Thundering Concept? What are your main goals for the tour?

Ah man, we are over the moon! It’s pretty crazy to think that this is all happening in a few weeks time. It’s every young bands dream to tour Europe and share the stage with some amazing bands.

Intentions for the Tour: Kick some Ass and have some fun, meet new friends and industry connections., get EVERYONE we can excited about Ohgod.

  1. How did this tour come about? You guys must be stoked to get this form of international exposure?

Well there is something to be said in the old adage “If you don’t ask you don’t get”, Tata my chance or something like that. We (in the form of our sexy manager Calvin) just reached out to a few fests, kind of like hi, were a band, you are a place that needs bands, lets talk!

  1. You guys are no strangers to touring, having toured to India a few years ago. A pretty interesting place to showcase post rock/metal and instrumental music. How was that experience?

India was cray cray.. I mean I have traveled all over and from what i have been told i was expecting something crazy and my expectations were blown out the water. Beautiful crazy though! The people there are some of the most genuine music fans I have ever come across.

  1. Are there any other specific places you would want to tour as a band?

Would love to tour South America! Also would be super sweet to do a North American tour as well.

  1. How do you view the scene for heavy instrumental music in South Africa. Do you feel it is picking up and growing?

It sure is. There was a period of stagnation, but thanks to the wonderful people like Zain Domo, Sashquita Northey and Pat and the folks at Metal4Africa the industry is really getting an oil change and some forward motion

  1. Your music in general has a unique mix of softer and louder instrumental parts that takes listeners on a musical journey. With no lyrics I feel that every track can have a different meaning with each individual. Would you agree?

Absolutely, as the producer of the album, that was one of my main intentions.. to craft a narrative relating to the personal journey through the ups and downs of life and that reflects in the mix of soft, sombre, beauty, chaos, destruction of the different parts of the songs

  1. What contributes to your tight and polished sound? It seems like you guys can write music without repetitiveness creeping in. Any advice for bands who want to go the instrumental route?

We always have more polishing to do, but thanks. the best way to get there is to just keep jamming. Use your intuition to feel your way through the parts. in my experience the more you try to think the song to completion, the harder it is.

Tour dates: 

11 May – DUNK! FEST –  Zottegem (BE)

15 May – MUSIK & FRIEDEN, Supporting Jinjer – Berlin (DE)

16 May –  ROCKPALAST, Supporting Jinjer – Bochum (DE)

17 May – JUNGLE CLUB, Supporting Jinjer – Cologne (DE)

18 May – NACHTLEBEN, Supporting Jinjer – Frankfurt (DE)

20 May – PELAGIC FEST – Berlin (DE)


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