On My Playlist: Top 5 You, Me and the Harmony songs

You, Me and the Harmony. Photo: Wouter Pienaar
You, Me and the Harmony. Photo: Wouter Pienaar

This four piece pop-rock band has been making waves in the local music scene with their blend of soulful vocals and edgy musical passages that creates the perfect platform for the talented band members to shine.
You, Me and Harmony is a female fronted group and this distinguishes them from the pack in the local scene. Imagine Paramore, A Day To Remember, Blink 182 and Muse collaborating and you get the picture. The band consists of Cait Forde – Vocals, Carl Dos Santos – Guitar, Caleb Smith – Drums and Brendon McCaig – Bass.

Cait Forde, lead vocalist of You, Me and the Harmony. Photo: Wouter Pienaar

Cait Forde, lead vocalist of You, Me and the Harmony. Photo: Wouter Pienaar

5. The Lucky Ones
We begin the countdown with a fast number that is characterised by a happy sounding guitar riff from Dos Santos, before Smith’s lets loose in the verse with some great work on the hi-hat cymbal which creates a great sense of urgency to push the song forward. The dual vocals between Forde and McCaig in the chorus work perfectly together and create a real harmoniously pleasing sound. This chorus is one of the many highlights of this song which is a great introduction to the multi-faceted sound of You, Me and the Harmony.

4. Cliffside
“Cliffside” is a complete jam from start to finish with Dos Santos leading the song with solid rhythm guitar work before the song picks up pace in the elongated intro coutesy of Smith’s punk-like drumming. One of the best parts of this song is the intricate musical elements that all the band members throw in to the mix. This all combines to create a memorable chorus where McCaig and Forde share in a vocal duet that touches the heart strings: “I’m falling from my sanity, just to keep you happy. I’m hanging from the edge, I know that no one can save me,” sings Forde, before McCaig retorts “I will keep my promises to you, cause we can make it through to the end.” This is a perfect example of how you should fight for the ones you love the most even when times are tough.
3. Sweeter With You
This bouncy track starts off with Dos Santos’ guitar riff and Smith’s snare based drumming before it move into overdrive with the bass guitar of McCaig joining the party. The song focuses on relationships and how some people get attached to you. Life is much sweeter with that special person and the ups and downs of relationships are focused on here. This is a terrific track where Forde shines with some fantastic and relatable vocals: “I want you to know that life is always sweeter with you. But, I’m leaving you behind I’m going crazy, wondering if you love me.” The bridge is one of my favourite parts with a mini breakdown out of left field to shift the pace, before the song moves back into the chorus. Smith’s drumming is really impressive on this track with some brilliant footwork laying the platform throughout.
2. Guide You
One of my favourite tracks from You, Me and the Harmony has to be “Guide You” with its positive message and melodies that draws me in every time. The song is all about never giving up and knowing that you can reach for the stars. The piano also adds something extra in this track, before the raging chorus hits with an instrumental break that will have you moving. “Don’t give it all up, cause I still believe the sun will come out for us. I know it’s true we will make it through, cause I still believe in you.”
The guitars get their chance to shine in the bridge with a breakdown that is both simple but effective as a build up to the final chorus. “Guide You” is one of those songs that sticks in your head – and that is a very good thing.
1.Wasted Lives
This is one of the latest singles from You, Me and the Harmony, and also one of their best songs. You can clearly see the progression in this song as opposed to their other songs with this polished effort. The vocal interchanges between Forde and McCaig are absolutely flawless and McCaig especially shines in the second verse where he takes over lead vocal duties. “Wasted Lives” focuses on how we waste time on people who don’t treat us as we should be treated in relationships and how we come to the realisation that there is something better: “I’ve wasted all my time on you,” sings Forde at the top of her lungs as this refrain seems to strike a chord every-where they play this track.

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