On My Playlist: Top 5 End These Days Songs

End These Days. Photo: Twitter
End These Days. Photo: Twitter

South Korea has recently dominated news headlines on a political level but, bubbling in the underground, is a hardcore/metal music culture that ranks with some of the best in the world. End These Days are one of those bands that have taken the scene by storm with their energetic live shows and passionate delivery of their music.
The band currently consists of Yul (vocals), J.J. (bass) and WooKwon (drums).
5. Reflections
The heavy guitar riff in the intro establishes this as one of the band’s hardest songs, especially when Yul’s raspy screams hit the fray with some blistering drumming from WooKwon thrown in. The absolute rawness of this track is one of its best aspects – this band just throws every bit of energy into it.
4. Expired
Bass guitar riffs and licks dominate this song as J.J. gets some time to truly shine on this hardcore track. The number focuses on appreciating every moment before things fade away. It is short and sharp and does what needs to be done to draw the listener in with the grungy, filthy sounding bass laying the foundation to Jul’s range of penetrating screams. A dissonant guitar riff then adds some extra edge to the song that will get your head banging.
3. Everlasting
The lead guitar intro is one of the best parts of this song that has a much more upbeat nature. The lead guitar has some ‘The Ghost Inside’ influences and is one of the trademark parts. The track hits a heavy part midway but then the pace quickens with fantastic, emotive vocals and backing vocals to sweeten the deal.

2. Solace
The melody and fantastic pace of this song are what make it stand out among their other material and the addition of some deep vocals from Ryo Kinoshita of the Japanese metal band, Crystal Lake.
The song kicks off with WooKwon’s drums creating a great snare kick pattern that it feeds off from there on.
Yul’s hardcore vocals then take over with melodic guitar riffs flowing through the first verse. This track focuses on the need to find solace and ending the feelings of being sick and tired of the world’s problems: ‘I’m sick and tired of this cycle. Love and hate just dance together. In the chaos, they’re at a tug of war.’
Kinoshita’s addition is also a masterstroke as the song reaches a brilliant climax with a great breakdown reminiscent of the specific genre.

1. Temper
This is my favourite song from End These Days with the slow, methodic opening where the vocalist Yul showcases a variety of growls.
The verse then picks up the pace with some strained vocals and blistering drum beats before the song reaches a slower section in the chorus that gives the track a bit of variety. After the chorus, a bit of palm-muted guitar and a rhythmic bassline take centre stage on this epic track.
The ending is the ultimate statement from the band when Yul screams ‘show me your world’. Two accompanying breakdowns, each slower in pace, finish off the song.

Wouter Pienaar
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