Truth And Its Burden ready to fire on all cylinders

Truth And Its Burden. Photo: Duane Smith Photography
Truth And Its Burden. Photo: Duane Smith Photography

South African melodic hardcore pioneers, Truth And Its Burden are all set for their highly anticipated Iron & Fire Tour where they will tour to every major venue in the country in support of their 2017 album I Labour. Potchefstroom Herald caught up with frontman, Ashley de Beer to chat about the upcoming tour, new additions to the band, the music industry and what the rest of 2018 brings:

  1. The Iron & Fire Tour promises to be one of the craziest tours yet if I’m just looking at the supporting acts that will join Truth And Its Burden. How did this tour come about?

We really feel that our recent album “I Labour” hasn’t had much time out in the field, so we’re doing as much as possible now to rectify this and introduce people to our album, and our band. There’s still so much ground to cover on pushing this album and touring is really the only way to make sure the music is heard out there.

  1. “I Labour” got great reviews with its release last year. Do you guys feel that this tour will truly be an opportunity to showcase more of this album?

Totally, we’re only playing songs from this release so in every essence we’re trying to drive that point home.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most on this tour? What is the best part about touring?

Well, we have a new bassist Sean now. So without too much pressure on him, we’re looking to actually get to know him better. Those long drives really do wonders for the soul, and getting to know your dudes happens best when you’re driving late at night having those one on ones. We’re obviously looking forward to playing the shows, and there are 3 new venues we’re hitting on this tour so we’re pumped to check those out and hopefully make those staple destinations for future tours.

  1. What have been the biggest challenges of setting up this national tour?

Venues! Damn, it’s the most painful experience finding venues to play when you’re playing heavy music. Our lives would be totally different if we were some folk band, but alas – the music chose us! We’re just following through, and that road is hard. Naturally, promoting a tour is the very next in line of difficult challenges.

  1. What impact will you want to make on this tour? I feel that your style of music and lyrics can influence positive change and that people can truly relate to it?

Yeah, you never really know what to expect or how you impact people’s lives. It’s really one of those things of whatever happens in the moment is special and real, and hopefully it makes a difference for some people. That’s certainly the aim.

  1. Truth And Its Burden has been in the scene for a decade now. How has the landscape changed touring wise? What has stayed the same and differed according to you?

The landscape for promoting tours / shows has changed and no one bothers with flyers anymore, so you’re doing what’s possible through social and online media outlets, which we are grateful for. The bands have also changed, and of course the older I get (36) the younger the bands get, and the younger our members get hahaha. We’re still a youthful band though and it’s rad to play with new bands and experience their journey too. I think one of the biggest issues I continue to experience is lack of support for physical hard copy music (cd / vinyl).

People just don’t care about it anymore and frankly physical cd’s are part of that creative process and that’s all getting lost along the way, and that’s kinda sad.

People talk about it getting better and you read these articles etc, but it’s not getting better for cd retailers and the closing of almost every cd retail store in SA is proof of that. Shows are much the same, but yeah we remain hopeful things will change through some force of trend that creates a new vortex of interest in owning physical music.

  1. How would you describe a live Truth And Its Burden show to someone who has never been to one of your gigs?

Heartfelt, sincere, fast and angry.

Truth And Its Burden. Photo: Duane Smith Photography

Truth And Its Burden. Photo: Duane Smith Photography

  1. Truth And Its Burden has a new bassist, Sean Gaisford. How has he settled into the dynamic of the band?

Yeah, he’s doing really well now. He had a tough start because we never had time to properly jam it all out and I think he was stressing out about it all, but we’ve managed to work out a good few jams and he’s worked hard and getting it all together. I think he’s gonna love the tour and really gain a great experience from all of this. He’s certainly joined the band at the right time when everyone is more settled and generally chilled out as people. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re looking forward to the drives and time together to also get to know him better ya know. He still doesn’t catch all my cruddy jokes.

  1. It’s a pretty busy time in May and June with Truth And Its Burden supporting the Fit For A King tour too. How do you guys feel about opening for Fit For A King?

We’re fully stoked for that tour yeah! So happy to be a part of it. We’re still into many of the old and new Solid State / Christian metal and hardcore bands, so for us it’s a pretty big deal to be a part of it.

  1. What does the rest of the year hold for Truth And Its Burden? Any new material in the form of a single perhaps?

Well, without casting this in stone, we do have plans of heading into studio at some point this year to record a cover song and new single for release late this year. That’s the plan for now, but let’s see what time allows I guess. We also need to get our act together and film a music video, so that should happen as soon as these initial tours are done.

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