Fit For A King ready to bring metalcore royalty to SA

Fit For A King. Photo: Colby Moore
Fit For A King. Photo: Colby Moore

Uncompromising, hard-hitting and honest would be just a few ways to describe the next major international band that will hit South African shores. Metalcore giants, Fit For A King, are heading to South Africa for the first time to play three energetic shows from 28-30 June with some of SA’s finest acts. JamPacked Productions are doing tremendous work in bringing some of the best international acts to SA all in support of Rocking For Rhinos and other beneficiaries.  Their aim is to raise R1 million for conservation effort.

Fit For A King are known for their inspirational faith-based lyrics and messages of hope to the background of hard and heavy metalcore music. The band currently consists of Jared Easterling (drums), Ryan Kirby (vocals), Bobby Lynge (guitar) and Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary (bass).

Potchefstroom Herald’s Wouter Pienaar interviewed Fit For A King’s vocalist, Ryan Kirby, about their upcoming tour, their music and what SA fans can expect.

1. We here in South Africa, can’t wait for Fit For A King to play their first shows in South Africa. What excites you most for this upcoming tour?

Aside from the show, getting to explore the awesome wildlife! I have never been to Africa, so getting to see animals that are native to the continent will be really cool.

2. Have you guys always wanted to tour in South Africa? What are your expectations for this tour?

It has definitely been on my bucket list of places to play since other bands that have been have talked it up so much. I expect some rowdy crowds!

3. Are there any specific places that you would like to visit during your time in South Africa?

I have always wanted to visit Kruger National Park, but unfortunately we aren’t going that far north this trip.

4. The metal scene in South Africa is steadily growing into a force, with some excellent local bands supporting you guys. Do you make a point of it to listen to some of the local bands while on tour in a new country?

We definitely do! It is so cool to see what bands in different scenes are doing around the world. Usually they blow us away.

5. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Fit For A King yet, how would you describe your music and message that you portray with your music?

We are a super heavy band with some singing and a message that has substance.

6. Do you feel that music should incorporate a solid message that lets people think? Your music is faith based and gets to the heart of a lot of issues both personal and societal?

I think bands should play what they enjoy. I personally want my music with deep messages.

7. “Deathgrip” was one of my favourite albums of 2016. Looking back are you proud of that record and the direction your music is heading into with regards to upcoming new material?

We are very proud of it! We think it was our best release, until you hear the new album 😉

8. How do you guys prepare for a live show and what is your main goal when performing live? In a sense what can fans expect when you hit the stage?

We like to pray individually, and just relax. Our biggest goal is to sound as good as we possibly can. Even better than the album.

9. Favourite songs to play live?

Our new song Shattered Glass is definitely up there, along with Pissed Off.

10. What has been your career highlights as a band thus far?

Coming to South Africa is sure to be one! But from past experiences, definitely doing Warped Tour for the first time. It had always been such a goal.

11. What do you still want to achieve as a band or continue achieving?

We would love to get this band as big as possible without compromising our music or our message.

Get your tickets here:

28 June 2018 – Mercury Cape Town with support from As Time Divides / Atlantic South / Treehouse Burning

Truth & Its Burden / OneDaySky / A Fate Like Yours

29 June 2018 – Arcade Empire Pretoria with support from Truth & Its Burden / Facing The Gallows / OneDaySky

Riddlebreak / A Fate Like Yours

30 June 2018 – Sundowners Johannesburg with support from  Truth & Its Burden / Facing The Gallows / OneDaySky

Riddlebreak / A Fate Like Yours

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