On My Playlist: Top 5 Trash Boat Songs


Trash Boat is another band in a long list of pop-punk bands from the United Kingdom and, like their contemporaries, they never disappoint.
The quintet from St. Albans burst onto the scene with their debut album, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through in 2016. Since then, they have a developed a signature sound with fast guitar, melodic passages and heartfelt vocals.
The band currently consists of Tobi Duncan – vocals, Oakley Moffatt – drums, Dann Bostock – guitar, Ryan Hyslop – guitar and James Grayson – bass.
Honourable mentions: ‘Brave Face’, ‘Catharsis’, ‘The Guise of A Mother’.
5. How Selfish I Seem
This song has a true punk feel to it with some angry, harsh vocals from Duncan setting the tone on top of Grayson’s grungy bass riff in the intro. Some of the best lyrics from this aggressive, personal song are ‘all this overthinking’s got me thinking on how we go from us to strangers. Can I overcome myself and make putting you first, second nature?’
The song focuses on the singer’s own selfishness and how relationships crumble because of it. A real introspective, visceral track that showcases the rawness and grittiness of the band. The guitar riffs are also on point throughout this track to add to the mood of the song.

4. Eleven
‘Blegh’ is how this track opens up as Duncan starts it off in typical punk fashion. It has some quality punk vibes with blitzkrieg drumming from Moffatt which is supplemented by Bostock’s rhythm guitar playing. The song once again focuses on loss, death, lost memories and how things were in the past. The refrain at the ends of the song is the perfect crescendo to this number:
‘Rip my heart from my sleeve. Sink it deep inside my chest. Bury me beneath my skin. A stranger to those who knew me the best.’

3. Tring Quarry
The intro guitar immediately draws you into one of the band’s most loved songs that follows a typical pop-punk sound with heartfelt, emotive lyrics and vocals with specific hometown references thrown in to describes one’s state of mind: ‘The easy way out never led me anywhere. And I, I always end up way too deep inside my head.’
The song moves into a slower section in the bridge where Duncan shines with a soulful singing piece and shows his versatility as a vocalist: ‘The stagnant water that fills Tring Quarry was the lowest that I’ve ever seen it today. Stuck with the feeling that life only plays its significant songs when I’m feeling grey.’

2. Strangers
The melodic, clean guitar opening gets your attention before Duncan’s vocals and fast-paced guitars get the ball rolling as he sings: ‘I won’t hold you down.’
The song focuses on the complications of relationships and the battle one goes through when faced with separation.
‘So, lay the weight of your world on me. I’ll keep it off your back until you get back up on your feet. You’re always doing the same for me. Won’t force you down, never will, I guess I’ll just see you around.’
The addition of Dan Campbell from The Wonder Years on vocals also adds something extra to this excellent track.

1. Shade
Trash Boat seems to be getting better with time as evidenced by their latest single, ‘Shade’ which will be featured on their upcoming album, Crown Shyness. The song leans more towards a harder, darker punk sound with grittier vocals from Duncan. This is one of his best vocal performances. The overall darker sound gives the track a fantastic edge that fits perfectly with the lyrics that focus on rejection in relationships:
‘I know you for what you are. What you’ve seen and what you’ve been through. I can’t excuse you but now I understand. You are sick, you are proud, and you are never backing down.’
Another fantastic aspect of the track is the guitar work from Bostock and Hyslop that switches from distorted and chunky to melodic and harmonic throughout the song.

Wouter Pienaar
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