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State Champs
State Champs

State Champs has been one of my favourite pop-punk bands this decade. With their brand new third album, Living Proof, they have matured and perfected their craft into something melodic, catchy and heartfelt. The lyrics are introspective, real and totally relatable and with a few new hooks and melodies, the band is sure to gain some new fans while keeping its current, long-time fanbase happy.
State Champs consists of Derek DiScanio – lead vocals, Tyler Szalkowski – lead guitar, backing vocals, Ryan Scott Graham – bass, backing vocals, Tony ‘Rival’ Diaz – rhythm guitar, backing vocals and Evan Ambrosio – drums, percussion.
Honourable mentions: ‘Crystal Ball’, ‘Mine is Gold’, ‘Something About You’.
5. Frozen
I chose this song as the opening song on the countdown, mainly because of the funky opening guitar riff that then transcends into the verse and chorus. The track also has some catchy lyrics and great drumming to add to the punk feel in the second verse. The song really flows well and is one of the band’s more original sounds. If you listen carefully, you can truly appreciate the musicianship in this track.
The lyrics, ‘Thought I wouldn’t last a minute. Now you wanna make the minutes last. If that’s not a miss, what do we call that? Maybe I messed up a little. Or maybe I’m a little messed up. We’ve been walking on ice, but is it strong enough?’

4. Criminal
‘Criminal’ has a truly compelling opening verse with DeScanio delivering the chorus before the pop-punk guitars and frenzied drums kick in. One of the catchiest songs on the album: ‘So what’s it mean When every dream I have’s about you now? I can’t believe You get to me the way you do somehow.’
The song mainly focuses on love and how one person can have such an effect on another person and how uncertainty can tear at you. One of the band’s best tracks on the album, based on lyrics and overall musicality.

3. Dead and Gone
This track follows the familiar patterns of pop-punk songs with wooo-aah’s in the chorus to keep the sing-along pattern of the track. One can clearly see Jon Feldman’s contribution as a producer and that is not necessarily a bad thing but it can lean towards the ‘been there, done that’ sound.
The song structure, itself, is great and the lyrics in the chorus are perfectly delivered. The lead vocalist, Derek DiScanio does a brilliant job here and you can truly feel the emotion in his voice. This is definitely the band’s biggest anthem on the album.

2. Lightning
The opening guitar melody from Tyler Szalkowski is absolutely perfect and ties in perfectly with the song with its catchy chorus and instrumental section before the bridge. The bass guitar solo from Ryan Graham is also fantastic and, together with Ambrosio’s tight drums, takes the song one step further. The chorus is also one of the band’s best as DiScanio goes full tilt: ‘Who knew we were lightning? I saw a spark before we heard any sound. If you look my way instead We could make this permanent. Is there something waiting to be found?’

1. Our Time To Go
‘Our Time To Go’ is one of the slower, more melodic songs on the album with an acoustic influence. The track has a brilliantly atmospheric sound with acoustic guitars and piano in the first verse before it goes up to a higher level with the introduction of electric guitars and drums in the chorus. The bass guitar from Graham in the second verse also adds a good, groovy sound and really shines here.
The song has a masterful chorus and really encapsulates everything that makes State Champs such a great band.
The lyrics and delivery are heartfelt and you really get drawn into the melodies: ‘Not a second to waste. Life won’t wait for you now. This is our time to go. Feel the crash of the waves.
Wash away all the thoughts that come at you like monsters at night. I don’t wanna live this way. Strong enough to break these chains. Broken pieces can mend. Not a second to waste. Life won’t wait for you now. This is our time, our time to go.’


Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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