“A Perfect Sight” puts Jean Zenan into the spotlight

Jean Zenan is one of SA music’s great singer songwriters and with his debut album A Perfect Sight he undeniably justifies what he can do with his talent on an eclectic rock and roll album.

Zenan, who has been in the music industry for two decades, mixes potent positive and introspective lyrical content with some unique and creative musicianship on this album and the variety on this album truly works to draw the listener in.

His original sound is a feast for your eardrums with a lot of different elements catering to various musical genres such as rock, pop and jazz among others. Some songs like “You’re Making Me Feel” and “Singer In The Band” has a distinct Queen-esque sound to it, without losing the original sing-along flavour that Zenan represents in his music.

The hit song , “Goodbye Miss Thunderstorm,” has a fantastic introduction with some poignant piano and guitar picking before the rhythm guitar riff gets the song going. This song also has one of the best choruses and a great mix of layers voices and instruments.

On A Perfect Sight, Zenan can also tone down on the jumpy beats with a stellar acoustic track “Follow Your Heart.” On this track, his tone of voice just fits perfectly and his skills as a singer are truly on show. The track then switches from an acoustic vibe to a full on rock opera before going down to the acoustic style for a great effect. The song’s message is simple and to the point as Zenan urges the listener “to follow your heart.” “All you need is some inspiration, yes all you need is some motivation,” sings Zenan as he instills some sage advice. The keyboard solo on this track is also a fantastic element and takes you back to that old school 70’s sound.

The next track “Be Someone” once again has some acoustic and piano elements that add some spunk and funkiness to the track. This is really an easy listening track with some upbeat lyrics and an overall upbeat vibe as Zenan sings “I know that you can the one, I know that you can be someone.”

“I like you more than you know. I like you even more when it’s raining. I like you even when it snows,” sings Zenan on the sixth track “Love Me As Your Friend,” as he focuses on love and all its intricacies in a great sing along track with a really contagious and uplifting chorus.

The tracks “It’s Alive,” and  “In My Head,” focus on the mental aspects of humanity and the creative process, whilst a song like “My Angel” spreads more positivity with a really comforting message on this track. The main idea on this track is that a person is never alone when they have an angel watching over them. This is also one of Zenan’s earliest tracks that he wrote and recorded and is a true composition of what Zenan is all about.

A Perfect Sight is an album that will truly inspire listeners whilst simultaneously getting them moving to every articulated beat. This is definitely one of the most polished and versatile SA Rock albums released this year.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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