On My Playlist: Top 5 Saosin songs

Saosin is one of the most underrated bands in the post-hardcore and alternative rock genres with their unique style and energetic melodic songs creating a true accord with its listeners.
Saosin knows how to create meaningful music that has emotive, harmonic and hard-core elements and, in essence, this strikes a great balance in their songs.
Saosin has a true signature sound and, with the return of their former vocalist, Anthony Green, they got back to true form with their latest album Along The Shadow, more or less two years ago.
Saosin may not have a large fan base but they are definitely dedicated and, in my opinion, this band should be bigger than they are. The group currently consists of Beau Burchell – lead guitar, Alex Rodriguez – drums, percussion, Chris Sorenson – bass, keyboards, backing vocals and Anthony Green – lead vocals.
Honourable mentions: ‘Sleepers’, ‘Some Sense of Security’, ‘On My Own’, ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘3rd Measurement in C’ and ‘Come Close’.
5. I Keep My Secrets Safe
The opening riff is one of my favourite parts of any Saosin song with its emphasis on minor notes and an eerie vibe, thanks to the guitar of Beau Burchell. Cove Reber, the former vocalist of Saosin, had his own style and I believe it was put into full effect here, especially with the immensely catchy chorus where he sings: ‘I keep my secrets safe. I keep them hidden away from you. Like an anchor stuck to the bottom.’
Rodriguez’s drumming in the verse is also absolutely exceptional with hi-hat playing of the highest order.
The screams in the bridge with the distorted stop-start guitar riffs are also absolutely perfect as you can truly feel the emotion here – typically Saosin.

4. Racing Toward a Red Light
This is one of Saosin’s newer songs off their latest album, Along The Shadow and this harkens back to the early days with Green’s high-pitched, forced screams taking centre stage from the beginning. The track has a dark, edgy feel to it and this is balanced with harmonious choruses where calmness and edginess intertwine. The drumming from Rodriguez is, once again, top class and he puts a lot of variety into it in this track. The intro draws you in with the distorted guitar notes and frenetic drumming before a short lead riff takes the song into the first verse.
The second verse has a beautiful, melodic component that also draws you in as a listener. It is juxtaposed with a frenetic ending as Green screams: ‘You decide how you make it, you decide how it’s gonna be.’

3. You’re Not Alone
Lyrically, this is one of the most uplifting songs the band has produced. The aggression is toned down for a soothing, melodic approach that works perfectly on this track. The song is a plea to live on, knowing that you can fight your battles, no matter what. The chorus highlights this brilliantly with the following inspiring message: ‘You’re not alone. There is more to this, I know. You can make it out. You will live to tell.’ The melodic guitar and structure of the song also lend themselves to further establishing the positive message – definitely one of the crowd favourites.

2. Seven Years
This is one of Saosin’s earliest and most loved songs, mainly for Green’s soothing vocals and the transition between the harmonies and frenetic screams in the chorus. The guitar work on this track, in combination with the punk-like drumming, is really a pleasure to the ear. Another high point is the bridge with its distorted, dissonant guitar chorus that adds to the music-filled track. Green and Sorenson’s dual vocals bounce off each other perfectly here to create the true Saosin sound. One of their best songs if you want an idea of how their music sounds.

1. Voices
The signature opening guitar riff, combined with the thunderous drumbeat was one of the reasons why I got into Saosin in the first place. This is their most polished track and the one with a great message of communication in relationships and the importance of love.
‘We speak in different voices When fighting with the ones we’ve loved. We speak in different voices Why can’t we say what we’re thinking of?’
The melodic, harmonic verses with the exceptionally intricate drumming and lead guitar parts are just bliss combined with the catchy chorus. Cove Reber really reaches a high point with his vocals here as he lets out a huge scream at the end that is pure perfection.
One of the ‘must-listen-to’ tracks from Saosin.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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