On My Playlist: Top 5 An Epic, No Less songs

An Epic No Less
An Epic No Less

An Epic, No Less is one of the more unknown bands in the Christian music genre but their music speaks volumes to those who have heard it.
The pop-rock group from St Louis, Missouri focuses their belief-inspired lyrics on various faith-based topics with a mix of piano-based melodies and soothing vocals from Hannah Chancellor and Todd Larson.
The band consists of Todd Larson – vocals, piano; Daniel Chancellor – drums; Hannah Chancellor – piano, vocals; Neil Endicott – guitar and Brittany Stutz – violin.
Here is a look at some of the best tracks from this group:
5. One Word
The eclectic keyboard sounds infiltrate your eardrums from the outset with their spacey melody creating joy in your heart. The violin playing from Brittany Stutz in the verse and chorus really comes through on this fantastic track, which aims to give praise to the Saviour. There is a sense of contentment and happiness at the ability to live another day and that is the main theme of this track: ‘There’s a new day that’s about to break. I see the sunrise and the beauty that it makes and, to these once blind eyes Your touch has made all the difference,’ sings vocalist, Todd Larson at the top of his voice. One of my favourite parts is the repeating bridge as well: ‘Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all of my days.’

4. Rescue Me
This is another truly inspirational song from An Epic, No Less, that focuses on the need for rescue during tough times. ‘You are the one who needs to come rescue me,’ sings Larson with Daniel Chancellor’s fiery drumming adding an extra element to this track. This song really touches one’s heartstrings and is one of the band’s best tracks, mainly because of the truly emotive, honest chorus.

3. Mercy Light
The subtle guitar of Neil Endicott gets the song moving before the piano of Larson forms the foundation of the track. This song really flows well and showcases the unity of the band and their ability to let each instrument play a pivotal role in its structure. ‘You’re my mercy light, in the darkest night. All I ask, don’t hide yourself from me. You’re the sparks at dawn, the one I’m waiting on. All I ask, don’t hide yourself from me.’ The bridge also has a fantastic guitar picking section as the song slows down in an acoustic-like manner.

2. Come to the Cross
This is one of the most inspiring songs and focuses on the need to find peace and happiness in our Saviour. ‘Come to the one who gave His life. Come just as you are, out of the night come to the one who gave his life.’ The piano lead melody is the central point in this song and it emphasises the good feelings. The dual vocals from Larson and Chancellor are brilliantly executed and truly paint a wonderful message with their words.

1. An Echo of Love
This powerful song focuses on one of the most important values and concepts of life, namely love. The song has a number of electronic elements that reminds one of the sounds of the popular artist, Owl City – it has those interesting modern elements that give the song its kick.
The piano is also one of the most beautiful parts of the song and blends in perfectly. ‘You are the strength when we are weak. You are the breath inside of me. You are the love that pierces hearts. you are the light that’s shown into our darkest parts… You place the lights up in the skies. You are the brightness of our eyes.”

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