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Motion City Soundtrack
Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack will always be one of the underrated pop-punk bands of the 21st century with their quirky characteristics and well-known frontman, Justin Pierre.
Pierre’s whacky spiked hairstyles, glasses and pronounced sideburns are one of the best parts of this band that looks at relationships and love from their own perspective. Their music has always been filled with cheerful, upbeat riffs and melodies that contrast with the somewhat sober, forthright lyrics. The band consisted of Justin Pierre – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano; Joshua Cain – lead guitar, backing vocals; Jesse Johnson – Moog synthesizer, keyboard; Matthew Taylor – bass guitar, backing vocals and Tony Thaxton – drums, percussion, backing vocals.
5. This Is For Real
Taylor’s bass guitar is the kicker that gives this song its edge alongside Pierre’s signature, crisp vocals. The main melody really sticks in your head and adds to the catchy, upbeat flavour of this track. The number looks at self-improvement and the search for better days: ‘This is for real, this time I mean it. I’m coming clean, please don’t let go. I said from the start, that you could take it or leave it. I’d prefer that you keep it. Don’t let go.’

4. Her Words Destroyed My Planet
This is another song that focuses on relationships, how they sometimes don’t work out and the past memories that surround them. The song is one of the band’s most honest tracks and Pierre does a great job in showcasing the lyrical theme on vocals. The song has a lot of self-reflective lyrics and a unique opening riff that ties everything together: ‘Maybe you were right after all. Maybe I’m just bad news. I’ve been drowning in memories. Call it residual blues. I fell asleep watching Veronica Mars again.’
It also looks at how one person does everything to keep the relationship going, only for it to fall apart in the end when it was not meant to be. ‘If we’d only stayed together. I might not have fallen apart. But the words you served destroyed my planet. I stall before I start. I stall before I start anything at all.’ This track also has a unique, hilarious music video where the band gatecrashes a science fair.

3. Everything is Alright
This synthesiser-based track is one of the band’s standout tracks with a killer opening riff and a superb melody at its core. It looks at health issues and the need to look on the bright side after recovery where ‘everything will be alright’ as the title says. One of the best parts is definitely Thaxton’s energetic drumming with some brilliant snare and tom fills throughout. Pierre is also at his best as the primary songwriter and lyricist here: ‘Because I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes, talking with strangers, waiting in line. I’m through with these pills that make me sit still. “Are you feeling fine?” Yes, I’m feeling fine.’ This sums up the idea behind the track with its honest, quirky lyrics that fit the vibe and melody of the song to a tee.

2. My Favourite Accident
The keyboard intro melody on this song hits you from the start, followed up with a fantastic guitar riff and synthesiser combo as the pace picks up. This is one of my favourite Motion City Soundtrack songs, mainly because of its various tempo changes and melodies. Thaxton’s drums are also a treat to the ear as he really goes creative behind the kit. The song cleverly uses the theme of disjointed relationships and compares it to an accident, both literally and figuratively: ‘I got the message long before you said you knew There was no chance of us at all. With no velocity and empty-headed hard and far too long. I spent two years alone with you,’ sings Pierre in the first verse followed by a confession in the chorus: ‘You said we were an accident. With accidents, you never know what could have been. So we were an accident. You’ll always be my favourite one.’

1. The Future Freaks Me Out
‘I’m on fire and now I think I’m ready to bust a move. Check it out, I’m rocking steady To the beat in my head.’ This is how this catchy track from Motion City Soundtrack starts off. The song focuses on dysfunctional relationships and the different stages involved. Pierre is at his best here with his lyrics and delivery of this neurotic track loaded with pop-culture references: ‘What’s up with Will and Grace? I don’t get drum and bass. The future freaks me out.’
The track has a fantastic flow and truly encapsulates what this band is about, both in their musical style and colourful lyrical efficiency. Johnson’s synth parts work perfectly with the distorted guitars to create a great rhythm to the track.
‘Betty, I need you. I miss you. I’m so alone without you. To call up on the weekends with my cellular phone.’


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