The Mattress Warehouse, the best online bed company in SA

The Mattress Warehouse is one of South Africa’s leading bed manufacturers and suppliers of beds directly to the public, but did you know, they also sell beds online?

With a user friendly website, which is easy to use, you’ll be sleeping in a good quality bed in no time.

Each month, The Mattress Warehouse has a wide selection of beds on special. Here you will find all of those bed brands that have become widely famous for their quality and for their durability. When you are looking to replace your bed with one of those from The Mattress Warehouse, your starting point should be at this helpful section of their website.

The Mattress Warehouse stocks the world’s favorite bed brands giving everyone the opportunity to own the bed that they really need, rather than having to settle for a bed.

When browsing through the selection of beds that are on sale, you will find a variety of brands such as Fabbro, Rest Assured, Cloud Nine, Genessi and Sealy Beds.

Each month, The Mattress Warehouse places a new selection of beds that have been put on special on the website for you to choose. These beds are marked down, making them more affordable for those who are looking to invest in the right bed for their sleep needs!

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