Positive for Potchefstroom through prayer

‘Our aim is to change this city by activating a Prayer Circle in every suburb.’
These are the enthusiastic words of Hanri de la Harpe, who leads the Potch Prayer Circle initiative at Equilibria, a Christian finishing school in Potchefstroom.
The movement was initially started on the Bult earlier this year, with the aim of mobilising the community to pray for the area. People from various churches and cultures come together at 18:00 every Monday evening to pray for change in the crime-ridden neighbourhood. Known as the ‘Bult Prayer Circle’ at that stage, the group prayed against the many problems that have developed in the area over the past years, including drugs, prostitution, pollution, poverty and depression among young people.
Moving forward
The name ‘Bult Prayer Circle’ has now been changed to ‘Potch Prayer Circle’ with the intention of mobilising all Christians in the city to take hands and pray for the city. De la Harpe, who leads the Potch Prayer Circle, describes the movement as ‘a results-driven prayer ministry that aims to transform the city of Potchefstroom through prayer’. Through dedicated prayer, they believe Potchefstroom can be a beautiful, safe place where everyone lives together in peace and harmony. In line with this vision, the motto ‘As in Heaven, so in this city’ marks the spirit of the movement.
Positive changes
Since the Prayer Circle started in March this year, change has started Happening, slowly but surely. One of the great breakthroughs was the successful establishment of the agreement between the North-West University and the municipality to give the NWU the mandate to manage certain aspects of the Bult area.
Many believe the impact of this agreement is going to be huge and will mark the beginning of many positive changes in Potchefstroom.
According to Mrs Santi Britz, who was actively involved in the negotiations for the abovementioned agreement, they have been battling for many years to establish the collaborative contract between the NWU and the municipality. She says since the Prayer Circle started, it seemed as if ‘walls started to break down’ miraculously and for the first time productive negotiations lead to a signed contract.
The mission of the movement is to establish a Prayer Circle in each suburb that gets together once a week to pray for specific problems there and in the city at large. A cross will be planted at each convening point to mark the place where believers get together to pray. Each suburb will have their own ‘cross leader’ who will be responsible for leading the suburb’s Prayer Circle. The organisers have published a call for cross leaders on the Potch Prayer Circle’s Facebook page.
The official launch of the Potch Prayer Circle will take place at the Bult park at 18:00 next Monday (10 September). This will mark the first of 23 Prayer Circles in the city and everyone is welcome to join the meeting. As new Prayer Circles are established over time, their details will be published on the Potch Prayer Circle’s Facebook page.
For more information phone Equilibria at 083 280 3283.

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