Our Last Night will make it a November to remember in SA

Our Last Night are ready for their second trip to South African shores
Our Last Night are ready for their second trip to South African shores

American post-hardcore giants, Our Last Night are returning to South Africa in November for three epic shows in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. These shows proudly brought to you by Jam Packed Productions, promise to be ever bigger and better than the previous time this band was in SA. Potchefstroom Herald’s Wouter Pienaar had a chat with lead vocalist, Trevor Wentworth, on their upcoming tour, their music and their love for South Africa in general.

  1. It’s a real pleasure to have you back in South Africa for a second time this November for three massive shows. What are your expectations for the second trip? 

Thanks, we are excited to be coming back. It will definitely be hard to top the last SA tour, but I think already we have more tickets sold this time around, so I think the shows alone will definitely be bigger and better. Our live show has gotten a lot better since the last time we were there also so I think people will really enjoy it.

  1. The reception you had one your previous trip was quite mind blowing. In a sense your popularity in South Africa has increased (especially if the speed of ticket sales, is anything to go by.) What do you feel contributes to your popularity as a band?

I think everything we do online helps us gain fans so quickly, that is the main reason why we do the cover songs in the first place. The covers are a great way to spread your band name around to people who may have never heard of you in the first place. So really that is the main reason, I also think since the first time we toured in SA went so well, everyone who went to the shows told their friends so that obviously helps the band spread around.

  1. Since leaving SA soil the last time, you guys have been quite busy with the release of the EP “Selective Hearing” as well as a couple of cover songs. How would you describe the feedback to “Selective Hearing?”

The feed back from Selective Hearing has been unreal. We have done tour headlining tours supporting that record, one in Europe, one in America. Both were almost 100% sold out, so I think our fans really loved the songs and it also helped gain some new ones.

  1. “Selective Hearing” had a much heavier and darker sound and it harkened back to the sound of “We Will All Evolve” with more screams in my opinion, whilst still keeping elements of your newer material. Was that the sound you were going for?

To be honest, we never sit there and think “what sound do we want to go for” we sit there and write whatever feels right. We aren’t ever going to write a “heavy” song because thats what we think people want to hear. If it happens it happens. I think with Selective Hearing we wrote some songs that really justified some screaming parts so thats what happened. People liked it so that always a good thing haha. I can’t tell you what these new songs we are working on now will sound like, because I dont even know yet.

  1. How do you keep your creativity and innovation going when creating music – it always seems like Our Last Night has a way to add something musically magical, whether it’s a bass riff, guitar lick or a sweet drum part?

Matt is a pure genius when it comes to writing music, he writes pretty much everything apart from the lyrics as we both tag team those. That is a great question though. Every new record we begin to work on, I am unsure on how he still has ideas for new songs. He has written over 100 songs by now and not one of them has been bad in my opinion. So I give him all the credit when it comes to that.

  1. Your newest single “Fantasy Land” is definitely one of my favourite songs from Our Last Night. What was the major idea behind the song? Woody’s bass intro hooked me from the first listen!

Thanks! Yeah I think we started off that idea with the drum beat and intro music and then took it from there. Matt had the idea for the chorus for a while, we just needed to have the music that fit with it. I think it was a cool song to release after Selective Hearing as it still has the same song just a bit different.

  1. Your cover songs on Youtube are also still as popular as always. Where do you get ideas for these cover songs? Especially with regards to arrangement of the instruments and the shaping of a song into the Our Last Night style?

We usually take into what songs are charting worldwide heavily into consideration while trying to pick which ones to cover. After listening to the top choices we will also always be able to tell which songs will be good or bad when covering. We need to see if the key of the song will be good for our style, the lyrics. how the chords will translate. We decide whether we make it heavy or just keep it rock. There are a lot of factors that go into this process, but now that we have done in 30 plus times it is becoming clockwork for the most part.

  1. I saw that Trevor and Matt recently teamed up with SA band “Go The Rodeo.” Are you guys open for more collaborations with SA artists? How would you rate the SA music landscape and scene based on your previous experiences?

Yeah Craig from the band is a really good friend of ours and we thought we would help him out with laying some vocals down on the song. The song is super good and we were very happy to be a part of it. I think the music scene in SA is very good and it is on its way to getting even better. It’s cool that so many international bands are starting to tour over there too, that will only help it grow.

  1. Any upcoming original songs that you planning on releasing before your trip to South Africa?

We are currently working on some new songs right now that we hope to release before the tour. We will keep everyone updated, but as of now that is the plan.

  1. Name 5 of your favourite things from South Africa
  • The shows
  • The insane animals
  • Crazy nature / sight seeing
  • Good food
  • Awesome people


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