Outside The New reaching new heights with Tabula Rasa

Photo: Luke Tannous Photography
Photo: Luke Tannous Photography

Johannesburg rockers, Outside The New, recently released their debut album Tabula Rasa and this power packed effort will surely be one of the most intricate and interesting records this year. The six piece consisting of Ian Wishart, Gez Tha Tyrant, Darren Keogh, Tyrone Mayer, Andrew Glass and Duane Arthur are ready to unleash a new sound on the local scene. Potchefstroom Herald recently spoke to the band to hear more about their goals, the new album and meaning behind their music.

  1. Hey guys, how has the reception for “Tabula Rasa” been thus far?
  • The reception has been great considering the reach of the internet and how far we can push this online. However, considering the influx of music available online and just how many artists are easily exposed in the ‘digital era’ it’s definitely a game of patience.
  1. What are your favourite tracks on this debut release?
  • Always difficult to name your favorite child, but the tracks that hold the most weight for us (for various reasons) are Left of Centre, Braille, The Torrent and The Finer Points of Gravity. Mostly for the enjoyment of the live show – these are the songs that we definitely feel the vibe from the audience.
  1. The lead single “Braille” has a real positive message. What was the inspiration behind the track?

• Braille is about finding one’s own path and power, but also realizing that everything is connected; that our choices and actions can affect the whole. In essence, it’s inspired by an often observed lack of empathy in today’s social and political environment.

  1. What was your main goal with the initial creation and finished product with “Tabula Rasa?”
  • To create a world-class album that will stimulate an otherwise dull and copycat music market currently.

Photo: Luke Tannous Photography

  1. The lyrics truly have a broad range of topics. How does the lyrical process work for you guys? Does everyone write or do you have a primary songwriter?
  • Songwriters has a broader connotation which is a hands on approach from everyone, but with regards to the lyrics, as the music starts becoming more of a completed song, Duane and Gez will get together and discuss how the vocal parts might work and what they’re feeling the song is trying to say. They’ll then write their lyrics separately and we bring it all together in the rehearsal room.
  1. OTN has quite a unique dynamic of having six members in a band (what are the major positives for you and difficulties with the amount of members)
  • It’s like having 5 wives that all want to talk to you and be heard – at the same time! Minus the emotional roller coaster of course J The positives are great musical directions and inputs from such a vast musical background.
  1. How do you keep your music fresh and relevant in today’s saturated musical age?
  • We play what we enjoy, so we appreciate that the subtle message in the question is that we are fresh. However, it’s not necessarily a focus for us, although we have found that the marketing needs to be fresh to make your band stand out and be heard.
  1. Future plans for OTN in the coming months?

• We are looking at releasing a few more singles of this album and doing some end of year festivals.

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