On My Playlist: Top 5 Bottomless Coffee Band songs

Bottomless Coffee Band. Photo: Facebook
Bottomless Coffee Band. Photo: Facebook

One of South Africa’s most electric two-piece folk bands, Bottomless Coffee Band, is a product of years of live performances where their talent has left their audience in awe and amazement.
The band consists of a married couple, Lourens and Esté Rabé who complement each with their voices and instrumental talent in a variety of songs. With a boatload of instruments like an acoustic and electric guitar, basses, ukulele, accordion and harmonica, these two definitely bring something unique to the table.
The main themes of their songs are love, relationships, the world, society and the various stories they have experienced. Bottomless Coffee Band is one of the local bands to look out for and I highly recommend that you experience their music live.
Honourable Mentions: ‘Up to the Mountain’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Perfect Summertime’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes.’
5. Morning Coffee
This quaint track epitomises the quirkiness and likeability of this band to a tee with its playful lyrics and accompanying instruments. ‘Darling, if you could take me for a trip around our planet or pick me all the flowers in a spring-kissed field Perhaps you’d try and buy 100 diamonds, my sweetheart all I want is morning coffee, please!’ Both Lourens and Esté’s story-like duet is one of the best aspects as his husky voice works perfectly with her sweeter voice. The addition of an accordion in the instrumental part of the track is also a great feature as is Lourens’ acoustic guitar lead at the end. A great way to get into this band’s music.
4. Tomorrow
‘Tomorrow turns into never if your journey into forever starts today. What would you do with the time that’s left for you?’
This enticing, thought-provoking track from Bottomless Coffee Band focuses on the need to make the most of your time and live life to the full with the time you have. The song hypothetically looks at how it would be if you knew exactly how much time you had to live – would you still procrastinate or keep yourself busy with pointless things?
The number has some mesmerising violin parts that add a full sound, especially in the chorus where Esté and Lourens share a memorable duet: ‘Go go go, you have to know know know, it’s time to get up, dress up, show up. Cause you are all you have to make it worth it.’
3. Best Friend
This lovely number comes from the band’s debut album Room With A View and focuses on how lovers are also best friends and how this translates into various joyous feelings and experiences. The track has a slower tempo in an upbeat major scale that gives it a great listenable quality. The use of the acoustic guitar and ukulele gives the song a sunshine-like quality. The lyrics are also fantastic and captures certain precious moments in a relationship: ‘It was still summertime when I saw your face, as if someone painted me a painting of a dream and brought it to life. I wanted nothing more than to talk to you and share my big umbrella and songs.’
The chorus is also one of the highlights and depicts the sweetness of friends becoming lovers: ‘You became my best friend, before I even knew if you were real you were there. Now you’re still my best friend, the one I want to love until forever and a day.’

2. Ek Sal Wag
‘Ek Sal Wag’ is one of the band’s best Afrikaans songs and you can truly sense the motion in this track. Esté gives a spellbinding performance with her majestic voice leading the song in the first verse to the backdrop of an acoustic rhythm: ‘Soveel keer in hierdie tyd dat die afgestroop in konvooi met eensaam harte rigtingloos bly loop. As die aarde kaal en dor is en die wind sny deur jou gees. Is dit tyd om mure dig te messel, veilig om jou siel.’
The chorus is one of the best parts of this track where Esté sings: ‘Ek sal wag, ek sal wag vir jou. Tot die son weer my naam onthou sal ek wag, ek sal wag vir jou totdat jy weer van my onthou.’
The lyrical prowess is one of the best aspects of this track that starts slowly and then builds up beautifully to a superb crescendo, where Esté shows off her vocal ability with an ‘ahhh ha ha ha aaah ha aahh’ melody. Writing about it doesn’t do it justice –you have to hear it.

1. Love is Real
This is my favourite song from Bottomless Coffee Band with its interesting rhythm and accompanying duet from Esté and Lourens. Esté carries this song with her towering voice as she sings ‘but time is like a hungry man, it eats away the beauty and underneath the feelings be. The truth of what love really is.’ The song uses a distinct harmonica melody together with guitars and drums to draw the listener into the total package of what this song represents.
The track has a fantastic flow and the repeating chorus ‘Our love is forever, me and you, we are forever,’ is one of the best parts of this love song that focuses on young love and how this transitions into real love and the realisation of what it is.

Wouter Pienaar
Sport Journalist

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