An Epic No Less

On My Playlist: Top 5 An Epic, No Less songs

An Epic, No Less is one of the more unknown bands in the Christian music genre but their music speaks volumes to those who have heard it. The pop-rock group from St Louis, Missouri focuses their belief-inspired lyrics on various faith-based topics with a mix of piano-based melodies and soothing vocals from Hannah Chancellor and…

Calling all Classic Car Enthusiasts

The Rotary Club of Brits Hartbeespoort is organising a Classic Car Meander on the 22nd July to raise funds for the Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Bassist of Riddlebreak, Roushan van Niekerk.

On My Playlist: Top 5 Riddlebreak songs

A complex uniqueness of unbridled musical variety could be one way of describing the hard-hitting tunes of Riddlebreak. This six-piece group is one of South Africa’s top progressive metalcore bands with a sound that makes you sit up and take notice. Interesting, thought-provoking lyrics, melodic riffs, crushing breakdowns and riffs and energetic passionate vocals are…

On My Playlist: Top 5 Saosin songs

Saosin is one of the most underrated bands in the post-hardcore and alternative rock genres with their unique style and energetic melodic songs creating a true accord with its listeners. Saosin knows how to create meaningful music that has emotive, harmonic and hard-core elements and, in essence, this strikes a great balance in their songs….

Fit For A King reigns supreme on metalcore throne

Fit For A King showed their metalcore supremacy with scepter swinging performance to end their SA tour at a full house at Sundowners in Alberton on Saturday, 30 June. If they are the kings of their genre then their throne was undoubtedly the stage where they created one of the most intense displays of musical…

On My Playlist: Top 5 Jean Zenan songs

One of SA’s most versatile musicians to have released a debut album this year is none other than Jean Zenan. Zenan might not be a household name in the SA music industry yet but he actually has two decades of experience in songwriting and performing. It was only in the past three years that he…

“A Perfect Sight” puts Jean Zenan into the spotlight

Jean Zenan is one of SA music’s great singer songwriters and with his debut album A Perfect Sight he undeniably justifies what he can do with his talent on an eclectic rock and roll album. Zenan, who has been in the music industry for two decades, mixes potent positive and introspective lyrical content with some…
State Champs

Top 5 State Champs songs from Living Proof

State Champs has been one of my favourite pop-punk bands this decade. With their brand new third album, Living Proof, they have matured and perfected their craft into something melodic, catchy and heartfelt. The lyrics are introspective, real and totally relatable and with a few new hooks and melodies, the band is sure to gain…
Purple Rage, is bringing the sexy seventies back with their Afro-inspired psychedelic rock. From left to right are Wouter Moller, Tumi Zeli, Jan-Meyer Verhoef and Johan Viljoen.

Purple Rage brings unique psychedelic rock flavour to the local scene

A dash of soul, a pinch of psychedelic rock, a sprinkling of the 70s and a good heap of local African eccentricity are just some of the musical ingredients found in the recipe of Purple Rage. Purple Rage is a Potch-based four-piece Psychedelic Afro-rock band. They are bringing something different to the live music scene…

On My Playlist: Top 5 Raptorbaby songs

Raptorbaby is one of South Africa’s most progressive metal bands with live performances that overshadow what they put out on record. This is a brilliant thing as the heart of Raptorbaby truly lies in its ‘in the flesh’ manifestation on stage. If you have ever been to one of their sets, you will know what…

On My Playlist: Top 5 Trash Boat Songs

Trash Boat is another band in a long list of pop-punk bands from the United Kingdom and, like their contemporaries, they never disappoint. The quintet from St. Albans burst onto the scene with their debut album, Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through in 2016. Since then, they have a developed a…

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