Lawyers to use “Ultimate Guy’s Girl’ video of Meghan to appeal Kate topless photo payout – WATCH

A 2013 Men’s Health Video featuring Meghan Markle as ‘The Ultimate Guy’s Girl’  is to be used by lawyers appealing a ruling in France against Closer magazine for publishing topless photos of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

The long-lens photos were shot in 2012 while the duchess was bathing at a villa in the south of France owned by royal relative, Lord Snowden.

Prince William and Princess Kate were on vacation at the time.

The appeal is against the compensation of R1,55-million (100 000 euros) awarded to them.

The video is entitled: ‘Grilling Never looked so Good with Meghan Markle’ and features racy images of Meghan, then a star in the US TV legal drama Suits, grilling and flipping hamburger patties.

Now a source has told the Daily Telegraph that Closer’s lawyers plan to use the Men’s Health footage to argue that members of the royal family are “happy with sexy photos.”

The magazine will say the younger royals invite media scrutiny by increasingly acting like celebrities. They are happy with sexy photos when in control but claim huge amounts of money when unauthorised.

They claim that an especially aggressive case was made against the magazine by the royals which exaggerated the damages.

More typically token amounts of around $150 are awarded for breaches of privacy they say.

The royal couple had sued for  $1.6-million dollars in damages.

Kensington Palace had no comment on the latest developments but when William and Kate won the case last year the Palace said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were pleased that the court had found in their favor and the matter was now closed.

They said  the incident was a serious breach of their privacy and felt it essential to pursue all legal remedies available to make the point strongly that this kind of  intrusion should not happen.Image result for youtube meghan the ultimate guy's girl





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